Be wise… but be nice!

Oops don’t get me wrong if the caption sounds like a Presidentiable’s last name. This article is never in defense of anyone if not only for my personal opinion on what’s going around, especially that the election is fast approaching. Its neither intended to offend much more trigger any debate.

But while we can participate in all of it, we can always do it rationally. Let’s not immediately believe on what we see on social media. A piece of photo cannot say the whole story, just as a short video can be a part of something bigger that we didn’t know. Even words misquoted could have different meanings if put in a bad light. There are a lot of fake, hoax, and satirical websites out there and it comes to stir up confusion and dissension amongst us readers. There are even people who make memes that are becoming the subject of online ridicule. Then why just voice out our opinions without saying foul words or putting down anyone? With what we are seeing or hearing… let’s just make it as references. If we aren’t sure of what we will say, better say nothing.

Let’s think before we repost. Let’s not be too gullible and save ourselves from being vulnerable. Let’s be critical in the things we “seem” to believe is right. It saddens me to see people who make groundless comments just to join a bandwagon. But my reactions may only bring joy to those whose intention is just to provoke me into an online debate, which of course isn’t my cup of tea. I may be an opinionated person… but on issues like politics, I know no one will win.


The outcome of this election seems to me will only yield a government that we deserve. How I see people outwitting each other… ahh, it’s tiring that I hope it will be over soon. Indeed, our country deserves better. The question is, are we ready for change? We clamor for it but we want special treatment and don’t want to fall in line. We clamor for change yet we are reserved to just blame others for our situations. Then we’re not really different from our so called TRAPOS (traditional politicians) – we too, are TRAVOS (traditional voters), who would campaign for one but when implementations come, will cry foul and ouster the leader afterwards.

And this is the negative effect of “independence”. We will be a nation who will never have a better President. And it’s very frustrating. Hope we could be more sensible… if we really love our country, just VOTE for the one whom we KNOW is BEST for us. Anyway, the President alone will never solve our crime problems… the Mayors will. The President alone will never solve the issue of corruptions… it’s the government officials we elect in the local levels who have control over it. I am not very good at this, but the little knowledge I have with Philippine politics tells me to brush it off my shoulders. Aside from the President, we have to be more careful in choosing our other leaders (from the Vice President down to Local levels). And take note, in this election, choosing our next VP may just be as important as the President for any of the following possibilities: resignation, health problems or even impeachment.

But whatever happens there… as what we usually hear – it’s still up to us, the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. Us, who will govern our own lives. If we think that the President will be the one to give us jobs, if the President will pay for our children’s education, if the President will give us homes… then we, as VOTERS, will have to do a lot of thinking as well. For parents like me, we are the PRESIDENTS of our own little governments – our families. Rule it well and we will have a good society: crime-free and corruption-free.

One line even struck me the most, its not the President who will save our country, it’s GOD. Blessed is the people whose God is the LORD.

And to all the OFWs here in QATAR, let’s be aware that the elections will be on April 9 – May 9, 2016. We are given a month to cast our votes and practice our right as Filipinos.

Still, my appeal to everyone is– be wise… but be nice!


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