A NEO dining experience!

It was my wife’s birthday yesterday (April 4, 2016) and we were out with some friends to try this NEO RESTAURANT for the first time. It is located at the first commercial complex after Jarir Bookstore opposite Nissan Showroom along Salwa Road.


While they serve mostly Japanese food, the ambiance doesn’t have the typical Japanese interior. The design is simple yet impressive (less is more) although a bit small in size. There’s a portion with a high ceiling complemented with a beautiful chandelier which gives it a touch of class. The brick walls and leather couches added style to its interesting design.


The menu offers a great selection of food. The prices are acceptable and the servings are also generous that you can share it with another person. For us carbo-lovers, a choice of noodles or fried rice for their main course is definitely a plus. The server even presented to us sushi varieties and suggested to pick our choices in order to save rather than order a platter which may have some items that we will not like (which makes sense). We ended with this sold-out DIY platter… no left over, I assure you!


Parking is quite limited so it is advised for you to come a bit early (more customers are coming after 8pm and during sushi nights every Sundays and Tuesdays). With more locals and other expats as guests, it exudes a very friendly environment.  If you’re coming with a group, reservation may be necessary. But I guarantee, the food is great and once you master the menu… you’ll definite get value-for-money out this very elegant resto.

image-2d2a3d34f10e4c3504f089b88ff737f742f095705e5068a0650bb9a6cbe5ad89-VDisclaimer: We’re busy eating and chatting so we were not able to take that much photos. We’ll come back for more next time.

Menu here.

Estimated budget for a light meal for 2 persons ordering a main course (sharing) + 2 orders of sushi (4pcs per order) and 2 standard drinks (QAR160).

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