TOKYO TOUR – Part 3: 10 Things we loved about DisneyLand


  1. There’s always a special feeling of being transformed into a happy place… with the house music, the shows and performances, the smiles of the people, everyone’s waving to each other (when a boat or a train passes by). The feeling is just magical for adults and kids alike. The music during the parade is still an LSS for me and I can’t forget the excitement in the face of my daughter while watching it. “Jump on in, join the fun. There’s a place for everyone. Where we hop, hop, hop, all day in our sunny bunny land. Everyone wears a smile, we’re dressed up in our finest style. While we hop, hop, hop, all day in our sunny bunny land…” – Tokyo Disneyland Easter Parade Theme, Spring 2016
  1. The food shaped in disney characters are quite interesting. It tastes good though quite expensive… but surely is instagram-perfect!
  1. Souvenir shops are all over, from the grand pavilion to little kiosks along the streets… Disney collaterals are available. Since every area has its own souvenir shops, some special characters might not be available at the main pavilion… so take some time to check out a specialty shop at Tomorrowland for Monsters Inc. and Buzz Lightyear souvenir items.
  1. The discipline of the Japanese people is very evident. From falling in line, throwing garbage by segregation (plastic, biodegradable, etc), to their courtesy of cleaning their own tables at the restaurants. Most families even bring along plastic mats for them to use while waiting for the parade along the streets. Tourist usually come unprepared and use theirs maps to sit on it.
  1. Don’t miss entering Cinderella’s castle – the most imposing structure in the middle of Tokyo Disneyland. There are some things you don’t want to miss in this place… like trying on the famous glass shoe. It might just fit on you!
  1. The Toon Town is obviously a place where your cartoon characters come to life. An actual community where these cute little creatures live are home to some needed refreshments (churros seems to be famous among Japanese), souvenir shops and a number of kiddie attractions including house of Minnie as well as a popular studio of Micky. It’s located at the park’s rear side so you’ll most likely miss it if you are running out of time.


  1. A trick if you want to roam around Disneyland but already tired – board a real steam-powered train for a round trip through Adventureland, Critter Country, and Westernland; or try the Mark Twain Boat – an elegant, 3-deck “floating palace,” for a cruise around the Rivers of America. These ways, you still enjoy the magnificent sights of the Disneyland while resting your feet for yet more hours of walking around the park.


  1. The most common scene is a long cue for a photo op with Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. It could eat-up more of your precious time that you might want to check out other attractions first. You can also check the map for other spots where Mickey would be entertaining a photo op and head on there early.
  1. The Electrical Parade a well as the grand fireworks display is a must see at the end of the day. It’s a feast to the eyes and put a sparkle in that already enchanting evening.
  1. Disney Resort is accessible via JR Maihama to TOKYO STATION which connects many places in Tokyo. So if Disney Land is one in your itinerary, make sure to book an accommodation close this area.


May 16, 2016: to be updated with photos

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