TOKYO TOUR – Part 4: 10 Things we loved about DisneySea


  1. Aside from the fact that it is one of a kind in the world, Tokyo Disney Sea is situated within Tokyo Disney Resort. The nautical/adventure theme is predominant in all its design that makes it a cool place to visit!

2. A special monorail from Maihama station will jumpstart your Disney experience. The monorail will take you a tour around the resort showing the several Disney affiliated hotels, as well as the station for Disney Land. Disney Sea will be your last stop.

  1. There are more rides and attractions directed for adult guests of the park. Visitors from 13 years old and above will surely enjoy breath taking roller coaster rides and thrilling attractions.
  1. In case of a rain, just like what happened to us, there are covered pavilions, shops, and attractions where you can stay. Upon entry to the park, a schedule of shows, performance and the map of the park will be handed out to you. You can select covered places to prioritize in order not to lose time. Most of the restaurants and souvenir shops are also covered so you can possibly check out these options too.
  1. The park staffs are always greeting you with a smile or a wave of hand, very friendly and always willing to go out of their way to assist. If some of them will have difficulty in explaining, they will just go with you to find your way to where you want. Cool!
  1. There are attractions that won’t allow you to carry baby trolleys inside. They have designated places where you can safely park them. Leave it there and you don’t have to worry.
  1. The fireworks display is spectacular, even though the weather is not good, you now that behind those clouds are supposedly a grand fireworks display. Nonetheless the pyrotechnics didn’t fail to amaze the audience and left us with that magical awe.


  1. It rained that day and to our surprise, we didn’t see any clogged drainage, drifting ceilings or any slippery roads. The maintenance team of the park must have worked so hard to ensure that this won’t happen. Even some rides are still operating even when it’s raining, like the one we had at the Ranging Spirit Roller Coaster. We felt that the safety standard is high at this park.
  1. Just a small tip for travelers/visitors of Disney Sea, you may download the map earlier (its available from their website). Since the park is so big and there’s a wide variety of attractions available, you may decide which place to go first. There’s a fastpass required for some of the popular rides. Fastpass will ask you to enter your ticket into a machine and will designate a time for your turn to ride. Fastpass will cut you from falling in a long cue and head straight to the entrance. Otherwise, the less popular ones have short cues and you can wait for about 15-20 minutes only for your turn. But make sure that when you register for a fastpass, you monitor the time and don’t go very far from it as you may lose your turn when you get back late. Planning your route is very important.


  1. While some unexpected things can affect your tour at the park, like rain and the likes, make sure to still keep up with the pace, cover as much area as you can, and enjoy each moment – as each area offers a feeling of being in a different world: The nautical-adventurer feeling at the Mediterranean Harbor, the Old English ambiance at American Waterfront, the Middle eastern feel at the Arabian Coast, the Lost River Delta where lost mystic beings emerge, among others. As a bonus information, head on to any nearest DisneySea Transit Steamer Line for a boat ride that will take you around the park, that’s practically a trip around Disney Sea.

May 16, 2016: to be updated with photos

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