TOKYO TOUR – Part 6: 10 Things we loved about Sanrio Puroland


  1. Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park located in Tama New Town, Tokyo, Japan. It is about 30-45 minutes rapid train ride out of Tokyo from Shinjuku Station. The train ride shows us the beautiful suburban life with mostly residential communities that is not very far from Central Tokyo. A shift of mood is evident with a feel of a simpler, quiet life… with mostly students waiting at each train stations, and clusters of villas and few mid-rise buildings at every point. This was something extra in our already extraordinary tour of Japan.

Tokyo Metro is a bit tricky. In the city, there are a number of metro lines and subways that can bring you to your destinations. Outside of Tokyo, rapid trains are the most convenient way to travel –with different options like multi stop, semi rapid or rapid. You can choose a train that will pass other stations and will bring you straight to your destination, saving you more time.

  1. Upon arriving at Tama Station where Sanrio Puroland is, you can immediately get a feel that you are in the right place… with all the Hello Kitty stickers… practically everywhere!


  1. The website of Sanrio Puroland offers discount coupons which you can print and bring along with you. Though it’s only a hundred yen discount, every savings will be worth especially if you’re travelling in a group. Passport tickets vary from a whole day to a half day tour depends on your preference. Check it out for more details.
  1. Since it is an enclosed complex, its ideal even the weather outside is not good. It has four levels and you will be entering at the 3rd Each level have different attractions and shops which is mostly for kids and for those who have grown loving those Sanrio Characters.


  1. They have a buffet restaurant, praise God! We are really craving for rice and a decent meal (and we mean… BUFFET) to fill us up since we’ve been taking ramen and moderately served meals in our first few days in Japan. Now we really want to eat a lot! As expected, it was heaven for much needed carbo and of course… sweets!
  1. I’ve almost underestimated what this theme park can offer… after our tour to Disneyland and DisneySea. But it was heartfelt when we watched one of their shows… though a very simple presentation but gave a big impact on me as it talks about FAMILY LOVE. The production is however less grander than what we’ve seen in the past days but still, it didn’t fail to amaze kids watching Hello Kitty sing and dance.
  1. Guests who have grown to love HELLO KITTY also have a special treat – a tour to Kitty’s Room. Though relatively small and less decorated, my wife even enjoyed it as much as Jasmine did.



  1. The souvenir shops are filled with Hello Kitty stuffs along with the other Sanrio characters. Prices are a bit expensive for our standard but when computed to what we have accustomed to in Qatar Riyals… it becomes relatively fair. While many of these items are also available outside, we still decided to go for the brand since this experience may come again after few years.


  1. It was quite a short visit since we still have other itineraries that day aside from visiting Hello Kitty. But my wife couldn’t contain her amazement… having been able to fulfill her childhood dream. If Disneyland was for Jasmine… DisneySea was for Johann… this has to be for her.
  1. Upon leaving the Sanrio Puro Land, don’t forget to check out DAISO store before heading to the train station. It is much bigger than the one in Harajuku. Shopping for 100 yen products (around 40 pesos or 3 Qatar riyals) will be a joy as we tried to finish off all the coins we’ve accumulated during the past days. Products like Japanese noodles, chocolates, even smaller Disney and Hello Kitty stuffs are available plus some items distinct for Japanese ingenuity and creativity are available. Overall, it was a nice countryside trip for all of us.

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