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My K-series playlist:

Ongoing series: Drinking Solo, Jealousy Incarnate, W – Two worlds (Finale episode next week)

Ongoing Reality Shows: We Got Married, I Live Alone, Cool Kidz on the Block, Battle Trip and Suspicious Vacation

Recently concluded series: Wanted, The Good Wife, Uncontrollably Fond

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Almost every time, these Korean series leave you sad or hanging during their Finale. As opposed to their interesting start, they end rather abrupt… as if they’re in a hurry to put a stop which for some, are just too… painful. The characters you watch out for and the story that you follow every week, would eventually come to an end after 16 episodes or so. And having lived with them for some time, it’s like ending a friendship to someone whom you’ve gotten close already. It gets tiring… but when a new one comes out, you’ll surely get hooked again.

Feeling sentimental, my wife and I decided to checkout TOFU HOUSE in Bin Mahmoud area for some Korean food. It was almost a mini-date for us since our little girl had fallen asleep. We felt, it’s time for some Korean love…


TOFU HOUSE is located almost opposite of Indian Supermarket and Centro Rotana Hotel. The entrance is a bit small but they have few tables upstairs for diners. The restaurant has been there for quite some time already but has been recently made even more popular by satisfied customers and K-pop fans in Doha who are happily posting their selfies on social media. The food range is very reasonable compared to the other Korean restaurants here – of course, that’s also our target for this Eid week (to find anything fun but inexpensive). The food serving is also generous – the staff even said it’s usually for sharing. Most especially, the ambiance and the taste captured a typical Korean resto less the background music for a more subtle effect.

Since we’re still a bit full that time and we only wanted to try some of its food, we ordered their recommended Tofu Rice while my wife, who usually hears it from the K-dramas, tried their Ramyun (tastes like a spicy instant noodles but with more flavors). If you are not a fan of spicy food, better advise the server to make it less spicy (if possible).



Afterwards, we also headed to KOREAN FOOD CENTRE (same owner as the Tofu House) on the same building where you can buy a lot of Korean food stuffs at reasonable prices.

The area is now becoming a popular hangout not only for local airline staff but also for other expats who wants to try authentic Korean food. It was really a good decision to finally go down and try.



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