Kulinarya Qatar 2016-Day3: A Triumph of Filipino Bayanihan

This year’s edition of Kulinarya Qatar was indeed a big success. The last day’s highlight was the coronation of Little MR. and MS Kulinarya 2016 and the special awards to the participating restaurants. Congratulations to all the winners!

Photos are courtesy of a photography friend Sir Delcon Castaneda.


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE ORGANIZERS! They are the men and women behind the success of what could be FILCOM’s biggest event after the Independence Day Celebrations. As you raise the bar year after year, it has also made us proud of the creativity and talents of everyone who has been part of the Committee.  Thank you!


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE RESTAURANT OWNERS AND THEIR STAFF! The sleepless nights, the untiring dedication to give us the best food that you always love to prepare, and the long day of standing at the booth to serve all of us waiting in line. All your hardworks had paid off… more than monetary, but the chance to showcase your expertise to many. Thank you!


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS AND PERFORMERS! The unsung heroes in every event… you all deserve our respect. Those who have worked to ensure our safety and security, those who ushered all of us and made everything run smoothly, those who manned the sounds, lights, cameras, etc., also to the parents of the performers and candidates who, i bet, got more nervous every time their kids go up on stage, and to the rest who made all things work well in this event.


A big congratulations to the Filipino community! Your support was truly amazing. Let’s continue to support events such as this in the future.

Indeed, Kulinarya Qatar 2016 was made possible because of the many hands who’ve worked hard to make it a success. Kudos to the Filipino bayanihan spirit.

Here are some of the highlights of Kulinarya Qatar 2016 through the lenses of my friend, Sir. Delcon Castaneda



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