“Puto”-Walk 2016: An Annual Tradition

During the Eid break, I was able to get a chance to visit some places I am curious about. I took some photos using a mobile phone since I couldn’t find my DLSR. Usually, my DLSR serves as my pass to enter even some of the most secured places – just by looking at my camera and my one liner, “can I take a photo of the place?”, for whatever reason, I always get permission.

This time, holding a mobile phone alone didn’t give me that same confidence. But I don’t want to waste time and opportunity as if it’s an annual habit for me to have an Eid Album for keeps – a sort-of update on what’s new in town. Armed with some bottled water and my favorite rice cake from KULINARYA QATAR 2016, I’m headed for a solo (amateur) photowalk.


I was a bit nosy about what’s inside the prominent façade of Medinat Centrale. We usually pass by it right at the fountain rotunda but we never get inside of it. One afternoon, we decided to try and checkout what’s in store at SOUQ AL MEDINA. But just as we are about to enter its grand atrium lobby, the guard advised us that there’s nothing to see inside since it’s still not open. Aside from a popcorn shop in front, most of the stores inside are still covered. When asked about its opening date, the guard-on-duty said it might be ready by early next year.

So we headed out to our next destination, the Megapolis Entertainment Center located right at the opposite end of the complex fronting Novo Cinema. It’s an indoor center complete with bowling alleys, a billiard hall, game stations and a mini-food court. If you want to play, ask for a reloadable card (FREE) and charge an amount which you can use to play (games start at QAR10 while bowling is at QAR40/game).

We also checked out the food court but it was a bit pricey and not to our liking (high price easily turns me off, hehehe). So we got out of the center and strolled along the beautiful sidewalk as if we were somewhere in Europe.

We took a peek at some of the shops until we saw FAT BURGER. We tried their signature burger and just to see if it will work here too, we ordered a kids meal for only QAR20 (maybe they thought it’s for our little girl). My wife doesn’t usually finish a burger so getting two regulars would be a waste (it was her choice by the way, wink).

Life Hack: Try buying kids meal if you’re not into big portions. We’ve also tried it several times with other restaurants like Applebees and Fridays – the servings are still enough but the price isn’t that much. Let us know if it will work for you.


Since our office is just beside this massive development where government offices, commercial and retails shops, and a central metro station will soon rise, I always wanted to have a first look at what’s inside as of now. And I thought, Eid would be the best time to do it.

So I tried to inquire from the guard if I can go inside to take some photos, but they politely declined. As it is a holiday, they are not allowing anyone in due to security reasons.

A HEADS UP:  I was advised to come back from September 19 onwards to try and check out the museums inside. It was a very welcome information and I hope to get back by then. For now, I just settled myself to take some photos of the exterior façade until I get inside next time.



I always see this place whenever we’re coming from the airport located right beside the Sharq Village and Spa and opposite the Qatar National Museum on the other side, which is still under construction. As I was planning to spot on the proposed location of the Doha Port Stadium which will be built for the FIFA World Cup 2022, I thought of walking from this side up to the MIA Park/Doha Port area. And since I started a bit late already, I thought that staying at this place for now would just be a good idea.

The simplicity of the Muglina Unit Park is still inviting which, amidst its remote location, is still being visited by people who want a quiet place to relax, meditate and even for a prenup shoot. Nearby is an open space leading to a jet ski practice area and a small dock for light boats.

I also happened to meet a Pinoy driver of DOHA BUS who operates a daily tour around Doha (24-hour ticket costs QAR180 and the night tour only costs QAR95). While still at their initial operations, they go around the city on their usual course with or without a passenger also to promote their services.

USEFUL TIP: If you would like an exclusive tour for your family or planning an intimate wedding proposal onboard DOHA BUS, maybe now is the best time to do it before it gets crowded soon. Looks like a great idea, right?

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