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DOH-FW’s (as in, “doe-F-W’s”, is a suggested term for OFWs in Qatar) will be a two-part series that I will write about Doha (DOH) Filipino Workers (FWs) featuring their penchant for travelling. It doesn’t, however, exclude Pinoys working in other parts of Qatar but only a term suggested to make it unique and personalized for this blog only.

Part 1:

In recent months, I’ve seen many of my friends and social media acquaintances travelling to different places for a well-deserved retreat from work. Our facebook timelines, especially during long weekends and holidays, were filled with photos and videos being shared unselfishly. It gave us a glimpse of their itinerary and the beautiful places we only get to see on movies or TV. We give credits to them for giving us a free tour.

Primary reason for this could be the strategic location of Qatar’s very own Hamad International Airport which makes it very ideal for travelers to go to Europe or even to the US or Canada. This route usually takes longer and more expensive if coming from Manila. Find the top travel destinations of many DOH-FW’s here (The 2nd Part of DOH-FW’s series is up next).

And while browsing on some blogs and videos of people who really love to travel, I came across the idea to write an article about those who actually gets paid while travelling! Here are “some” of the jobs that can make you an instant jet setter.

AVIATION CREWS AND AIRLINE STAFF. Pilots and flight attendants are known to have the biggest chance to travel to many places. If Qatar Airways would have more than 150 destinations all over the world, chances are you get to visit a good number of it in your entire career.

It is really a dream job for many. A friend of mine working on the same airline company couldn’t still believe she’s living this kind of life after being employed for over a year now. While working for many years in the Philippines, travelling to Europe was really a far-fetched dream. But now, even if Europe isn’t part of her roster yet, the privileges of being an airline employee made it possible for her to travel at her convenience (at a minimal cost).

CRUISE SHIP STAFF. Working onboard a cruise ship is also a guaranteed way to travel in style and also gives an opportunity to explore many places while on their next port-of call.

Few days back, I came across a video of a Filipino vlogger who is doing just like that. Mr. Rinell Banda, a cruise ship employee and the man behind Pinoy Travel Channel in Youtube who is known to many of his followers as Dronie Man (for his use of a drone in many of his videos). He said on his blog site that he would like to inspire people around the world by sharing his experiences through traveling. Mr. Banda have already travelled to different countries because of his work and was previously featured in a local TV show in Manila. He is also scheduled to make a side trip in Dubai and Qatar sometime October 2016.

TANK and CARGO SHIP CREWS. When their ship is docked, it also gives them a chance to roam around even for a limited time. A few hours of wandering on land is surely a much needed break from weeks or even months of seeing nothing but water around them.

A friend in Qatar who worked as a tanker crew for many years decided to take the opportunity to spend longer time with his family here after touring many countries in Europe, The United States and even some parts of Asia. Admittedly, it was a very exciting opportunity to get to see different places while working, which he even wished he was able to share with his family. Now, he is planning to spend the next holidays with them and experience the joy of travelling with love ones.


TOUR OPERATORS AND TOUR GUIDES. With travel as one of the many thriving businesses today, tour operators and tour guides definitely enjoy the perks of having to visit many places even ahead of their guests.

Several travel agencies in Doha were seen very active in promoting tours to Georgia recently. The NO VISA requirement, the proximity from Doha, as well as the cheap expenses in the country makes it a popular destination especially for travel-lovers. And to accompany tour groups regularly, an assigned guide would occasionally join the trips as well.


TRAINERS. Also lately, a number of financial advocacy groups have been travelling everywhere to teach Pinoys about finance and investment matters. Doha is lucky to have regular visitors like Mr. Randell Tiongson (Life and Personal Finance) and Mr. Marvin Germo (Stocks Investment) who share the same passion of teaching financial literacy especially to Filipinos overseas. Several other notable speakers who have graced the Pinoy community in Qatar include Mr. Paulo Tibig, Mr. Jess Uy, and Mr. Noli ‘El Subastajero’ Alleje, among others.

These renowned speakers are also equipped with great talents of squeezing even the slightest opportunity to go around the city even on their hectic schedules. They were never selfish to share even their free time over a plate of mouthwatering lamb chops or cup of piping hot karak tea. Many of them have toured, not only the Middle East, but also several parts of Asia, New Zealand and even the United States.



TRAVEL BLOGGERS. Over the years, blogging has already evolved from self-expression to promotional purposes. Some bloggers who have made a good deal of followers and made significant influences in people and even brands have also gained benefits from sponsored travels courtesy of private companies.

Here in Qatar, I’ve met some Pinoy bloggers who are already making waves in their blogging activities – enjoying invitations to gala nights, restaurant openings, and even some prestigious events. I will be featuring some of them here soon.

And while traveling goes well with their jobs, getting lost in time zone is also a drawback for many flight attendants; some Cruise Ship staff as well as Tank and Cargo crews still have to recover from seasickness at times; Tour Operators and Trainers have to do their tasks over and over again; and travel bloggers have to meet deadlines for their clients. Yet, it is still undeniable that many would dream of being on their shoes at one point in time. Most especially, finding the joy in what they do best makes travelling an extra reward.

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