Weekend Food Trip: Cactus Senshi and Amazing Waffle Cafe

While both of us are working half day on a Saturday, I also saw it as an opportunity to sneak in a lunch date with her. Got inspired and reminded after reading Pastor Dennis Sy’s blog – “Dating your wife need not be extravagant, but well planned. Well planned dates are cost effective.”


From QNCC, we went straight to Shoumouk Towers in Al Sadd – the iconic office buildings standing right beside La Cigale Hotel near Al Sadd signal. Cactus Senshi is one of the two restaurants  at the ground floor which recently opened for business last September 4, 2016. The high ceiling and the predominant gree-white-red interiors provided a more refreshing ambiance.

With our game plan to try out their bento boxes, we were not surprised to see a packed resto (of different nationalities) and even met some friends who are also having their lunch there.

Their offering ranges from Traditional, Asian or Arabic bento boxes at a very reasonable prices (considering it comes with a soup and a delectable desert). You may visit their facebook page for more of their menu.

The building complex also offers free valet parking provided you get your valet ticket stamped by the restaurant. However, on hectic days like weekends or maybe during the evenings when they open for dinner from 6pm to 11:30pm, parking could be more challenging so make sure to allow more time for it.


After taking our lunch, we headed off to Amazing Waffles Cafe at Quality Hypermarket in Bin Mahmoud. Actually, after its earlier launch, we were not very lucky to see its Wakra branch while occasionally visiting a friend there. But after confirming the location of its Doha branch, we didn’t waste this chance to drop by for merienda. But since we’re still a bit full, we just ordered some for take away.

The prices are very affordable and the food choices had increased to include more Filipino meals. Surprisingly, it was not a typical “karinderya” type since your food order is cooked right there and then. And of course, it didn’t take long to finish our yummy take out treat for the kids once we reached home.

Limited parking area is a bit of a setback for both diners and shoppers but we felt that this location will eventually become more accessible and convenient once the metro just across the hypermarket becomes operational.

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