Cafe#999: A New Take on Doha’s Gastronomic Emergency

Saturday is definitely FAMILY DAY for us. And while going out with the kids during weekends, I still have to somehow mix creativity with family responsibility. As I discover new dining places i want to visit and since we also have to eat together, then it’s like hitting two birds in one stone.

We are originally scheduled to attend a Property Show in Splash Water – Katara during the weekend (details on my next blog). It was just a good coincidence that the restaurant we are about to visit is also located at the Civil Defense Signal right on our way to Katara coming from Mansoura area.

Though a bit hesitant due to lack of signage, we entered the Fire Station Complex. We have to make our instinct work and from the photos we’ve seen, it should be somewhere overlooking the West Bay area. So we decided to go straight to the back side area and upon turning right, there we saw the glass windows of our target place – CAFE#999.


It has glass panels all around so you practically have a good view of everything around it, which will definitely be even more amazing especially once the Al Bidda Park development gets completed.

The interior has a modern industrial feel, the design is clean and very refreshing. You will probably enter on the side when you take our route, but the main entrance is actually located facing the middle grounds of the complex. It has comfy lounges outside which seemed to be ideal during cold winter nights. Evenings could even bring about a more beautiful ambiance overlooking the Westbay skyline.


Then we have to try their food. Ordering is done at the counter and menu is posted on the bar. Surprisingly, they offer a good variety of food: soup, salad/appetizer, wrap, panini, burger, pasta & arancini, dessert and drinks. They also have their “Dish of the Day” and when served in combo will go with salad and dessert of your choice. The best thing about Cafe#999 is that you get all these at very reasonable prices.


Café #999 is a collaboration between Qatar Museums and Salam Hospitality which officially opened to the public last July 2016. More about Cafe#999 on Doha News July 18, 2016 issue.

Overall, it was another good discovery. Everybody would be happy trying out this place when you feel like having a craving for affordable food with great location.

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