Evergreen Organics: Your road to healthy living starts here

It was as if nature is commanding me to walk the green path this weekend as all suggestions are leading towards awareness and trying out a healthy lifestyle.

After getting warmed up by the documentary of Academy award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio about climate change the night before, we headed to an early morning breakfast  at Qatar’s first vegan cafe, Evergreen Organics at Qanat Quartier on the Pearl-Qatar.


It didn’t took us long to get to the place since i always check out the direction before heading to my target place. And its as if the powers of the universe conspire to lead us there (naks), there were signages headed toward the cafe for the Pearl Qatar community event later in the afternoon. With their very friendly guards accommodating us at the parking area and showing us the way, we found the resto in no time.



For instagram users, this is heaven. Everywhere you look at is just instagram-worthy. Green, natural and refreshingly homey – that’s how i can describe the cafe’s interiors. Ideal for intimate dining, group meetings and even family gathering, the staff are also very warm, friendly and willing to show you around.



They originally opened last September serving healthy meals from sunset (5pm) til 10pm. And very recently, they were also serving breakfast starting November 1, 2016 from 7am to 11am.

We ordered based on their recommendations and we started out with chocolate dream smoothie “freshly prepared using only real, whole foods, no sugar, no syrups, you will be able to taste the difference” – as described on their menu.

They also use fully biodegradable bamboo straws which really looked cool and creative… not to mention, very natural.


Then came the sprouted buckwheat pancakes with organic maple syrup. It doesn’t taste like the ordinary pancakes but really left a natural sweet, with coconut and banana slices on top.


Their homemade delicious almond butter toast topped with fresh organic bananas and coconut flakes also tastes good.


We also tried their Evergreen Breakfast bowl suggestions – raw chocolate. Sweet lovers will surely love it but may not be cool for kiddos because of the grainy textures.


The servings are good for sharing and there are even more choices on their breakfast menu. Click this link for their all day MENU.

They claim to only use the highest quality ingredients – all organically sourced so what the customers consume is guaranteed pure goodness. Though its quite pricey, the trick is to do a good mix and match and enjoy the cafe’s ambiance in the company of good friends or family. Everything else in this place is great and could definitely become habit forming.


We’ve been to The Pearl many times but it was our first time to enter the Qanat Quartier community. It can literally transform you into another world, probably even better in the evening when the romance of the Mediterranean cities are best displayed. But this less crowded residential community is good for a lazy walk or jogging since they have wide pathways.

It’s also noticeable that there aren’t many residents in the area yet and most shops and restaurants are still about to open by the last quarter of 2016. But it looked very promising once more people settled in and shops opened soon. I think this will be an up and coming vibrant hangout place to watch out for in this area aside from Medinat Centrale and the whole Porto Arabia.

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