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Souq Al Wakrah (Part 2): A Food Lover’s Paradise

I’m writing a special series on Souq Al Wakrah which was always a target destination by our family but often being overlooked due to its perceived distance from Doha. But amazed by its stunning beauty when we visited it over the weekend, Best Life Qatar is set to unveil a secret treasure that many people in Qatar may have not seen before… and should be considered on their next road trip itinerary.

Part 2:

The popular Zomato restaurant finder app has listed almost 50 food establishments inside Souq Al Wakrah. They are classified into cafés, casual dining, desert parlor, and quick bites. Each one has its own character that serves varied palettes from Arabic, Indian, Western and South American.

You may be expecting a usual food photos showing grilled kebabs served with fresh tomato salad with onion and coriander, or creamy graham cracker crumb-crusted cheesecake with sour cream topping, or a great smoothie with coconut milk and a flavor of strawberries, but I decided to leave it all up to you to experience personally. But this I can definitely guarantee, this strip of varied mouthwatering coffee shops and resto bars can fill you up to the brim.

Aliwan Chalet
Al Meena
Al Yaam Cafe & Restaurant
Cake Alduha
Coast Coffee
Coffee Beanery
Coffeeshop Company
E’asair Cafe
Habatriah Restaurant
Merzam Cafe
Nineties Cafe
Rashfa Tea

These eye-catching eateries with their equally delightful architecture and interiors are as good as what they can offer on the table. A photo to represent their store cannot give justice to its beautiful appearance… and gorgeous is an understatement. The playful use of colors and their unique choice of furniture will take you to different worlds of diverse emotions – some romantic, some country, some rustic, but all corners are definitely charming!

Al Akeer
Baiz Cafe & Restaurant
Beach House
Al Bandara Cafe & Restaurant
Daren Sweets
Gharissa Ice Cream
Patata Patata
South Pearl Restaurant

Don’t judge them on how they look outside for when you entered, you’ll be surprised that some of them have private dining rooms for families and for those who wanted a private romantic table for two.

Al Noukhaza Restaurant
Dar Tunis
Mercato Antico
Royal Tandoor
Si El Syed Restaurant

In the end, I find all these things even more appetizing in this journey. Their lovely interiors reflect the type of food that they are serving, the culture where they came from and how they want to provide a great dining experience to all their customers.

Aside from the yummy food that each resto has in store, there are surely more interesting items their menu can offer.

Up next, Souq Al Wakrah as a family destination (preview here):

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