Souq Al Wakrah (Part 3): A Family Destination

I’m writing a special series on Souq Al Wakrah which was always a target destination by our family but often being overlooked due to its perceived distance from Doha. But amazed by its stunning beauty when we visited it over the weekend, Best Life Qatar is set to unveil a secret treasure that many people in Qatar may have not seen before… and should be considered on their next road trip itinerary.

Part 3:

For the last three days (during the weekend) that I’ve been hanging around Souq Al Wakra just to get the actual feel of it, I later became so enthralled by its simplicity and its promising future once it becomes fully developed and people started to get notice of this new tourist attraction that’s only few minutes from Doha.

I realized that some early mornings and late afternoons are best spent here where kids can set their foot in the sand, ride a bike along its paved path walks, while adults can just sit on a bench and have a relaxing moment while watching the kiddos have their play time. The security guards stationed at every corner creates a good feeling for security while a few crowds can become an advantage too.

And when the sun is up, there are quite a few restaurants that’s open for breakfast (from 8am and some at 9am). We entered E’asar Café & Restaurant, being one of the few which opens on a Friday morning. We headed inside not knowing what to expect but surely for a gasp of cool air.

I really intended to introduce Arabic food to my son but the little options, since its breakfast, left me with the most that he can appreciate for now. We would have wanted that the server could also suggest to us what’s best to try but having opened for few days only seemed not enough time for them to be fully briefed on their menu. Fortunately, the food is great and we have clean plates after.

But in the afternoon, all establishments are open and families will have a lot of options to choose from cold ice cream, light snacks, restaurants offering burgers and fries or maybe try a family dinner anywhere your taste bud would lead you.

Aside from dining, there are also shops that are open – from souvenirs, to coffee, tea, and spices, and apparels and even a fish market open in the morning.

Once in a while, it’s also good for families to go out and play. A break from work and school and enjoying time together is investing on good memories that each one will surely treasure. A few minutes of driving won’t hurt, but definitely a change in atmosphere that Souq Al Wakrah could bring is definitely all worth it!

Watch out for the last part of my Souq Al Wakrah series. Part 4 is up next (preview here):

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