Gratitude is allowing others to be blessed as well

In a gloomy weather like today, let’s still be happy. In what seems to bring worry to some may actually be a answered prayer to others. As they prayed for rain to water their crops or lessen the drought, it might bring us some momentary inconvenience of having to drive on wet, slippery roads. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that God is not answering our prayer for a continuous sunshine. We just have to let the season take its normal course and understand that God is in control of everything.

SHARE THE BLESSINGS. Yes, we are blessed and are continuously being blessed every day. But when it rains for a day or two… it doesn’t mean that we no are longer blessed. It means that it’s other people’s turn to be blessed. And we have to be happy for them. It could be the best way to show our gratefulness for all the blessings we received.

Before i become selfish, i have to remind my self that gratitude is allowing others to be blessed as well.

(photo was taken during sundown at Souq Al Wakra last weekend 19.11.2016)


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