Jasmine’s “Bunny-themed” Birthday Party

You will never run out of new and creative ideas especially when you become a parent to a bubbly little bunny like Jasmine. And in a place like Qatar with very limited kiddie party venues, being creative isn’t only a talent… one has to be very resourceful and ingenious. On her 3rd birthday party, we made sure we give her exactly what we know will make her happy. (Her actual birthday is on November 29 which falls on a workday so we’ve decided to have the party the weekend earlier).

The idea was born out of her fascination with Tokyo Disneyland’s Easter Parade during our recent spring break vacation. What seemed to be her favorite soundtrack also became the official on-board entertainment in our car since then. She would always ask for it whenever she gets in the car and we almost memorize the song after months of listening to it.

And since we also want to share to our friends that magical experience at Tokyo Disney Land, we’ve decided to take a different route from the usual birthday parties which we knew will surprise our guests as well.

Thanks to our friends from Qatar All-Stars for accepting the challenge immediately. In a matter of weeks, they were able to come up with a good routine and we were even surprised that they made special outfits that will appeal to the kids in the audience. Here is the complete video of their dance. Except for the party popper that didn’t popped, it was still an amazing number, and everyone were just so happy.


For those asking for the complete MP3 and lyrics of the song, click this link: Hippity Hoppity Springtime

Looking for a venue  was equally challenging since there are only a handful of kiddie party places available in Qatar. So after some bargaining and follow-up, we ended up booking the IKEA Party Venue located at the rear end of their restaurant at the 1st floor. They gave us a lot of favors from adjusting the time, helping us with food selections from their kitchen, up to allowing us to decorate the place our way.

We even veered away from the candy buffets and give-aways just to stick to our idea of being “different” and to be within the cost that we have set. Except for a few bunny headbands for the kids, we practically just worked around what IKEA can provide for the food and the cake. We even made a little tweak on their setup which was originally for their weekend event. And with some additional recycled flowers from our friends’ proposal few weeks back, it eventually turned out like our own “secret garden” recreating Jasmine’s little “sunny bunny land”.

It was definitely well within our budget and we thought we were able to pull off a unique birthday party for our daughter. Our guests could even watchout for their faces to be shown on Kabayan Happenings soon courtesy of our friend, Papa Ardee of TFC.


Surely, our own family experiences can provide great party ideas later on. As parents, we have to give our kids something that they really like and not what we want to have. At the same time, we also consider inspiring other parents and families to be really creative by showing them that a great party shouldn’t really cost that much. Early preparations and a lot of research really helped. And putting in a little extra could make your celebrations extra special… like inviting performers, dancers, and incorporating other kiddie activities (if you are really expecting more kids). Getting out of the normal program will definitely make your party a standout.

SPECIAL THANKS: To Ninong Kris for Jasmine’s tutu dress and bunny accessories, Tita Ivy for the bunny printed shirt, and Ninong Sam and Tita Coeli for the photos. The restaurant and cafe staffs of Ikea Qatar (special shoutout of thanks to Ms. Beverly Regis). Mr. Jann Earl Pereira and the Team of Qatar All-Stars. Mr. Ardee Tibayan De Leon of The Filipino Channel. Above all, we thank GOD for the very good weather. When it was forecasted to have heavy thunderstorms from Thursday to Saturday, we just had a cloudy night and a surprisingly good flow of traffic all throughout. To God be the glory!

OUR WONDERFUL GUESTS (our colleagues and friends in Qatar):


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