Very yummy Bir-yummy night!

What I missed doing for the last nine years of my stay here in the Middle East in general was to immerse myself to the true lifestyle of the region… their food. I was always on the safe side and i have not really given myself a chance to get to know the life that sustains this wonderful culture. Best Life Qatar, as our family’s adventure blog, also have a hidden agenda of allowing my family to experience the different staple foods that well describe a country and its people.

This November, as Urban Point launched the first-ever “Qatar Biryani Month”, i was also challenged by some friends and took it as an opportunity to indulge myself into this popular  Indian mixed rice dish. If Americans love burgers, the Italians crave for pizza and pasta, the Chinese and East Asian people would opt for noodles, and Filipinos just live on plain rice and any side dish available, Biryani is definitely well loved in the whole of Indian subcontinent. Know more about Urban Point app here.

My wife love rice (sorry for the reveal, boss) but not yellow rice. And so inviting her for a Biriyani dinner is quite challenging. But since the idea is to give it a try, she gave in and later on fell in love with it. While Zaffran Dining Experience is just few minutes from where we live (Al Emadi Financial Square was quite our regular place for dinner or coffee especially when we were still single), we had only visited this side when it was still a coffee shop.

We were the first customers of the restaurant that night and since i already made an inquiry earlier that day, i was practically briefed on what to expect. The receptionist was very helpful in making sure we have a great first time experience.


Then, the food came and it surprised us to know that the taste was great (as we also made a special request to make it less spicy).  Our daughter who was picky with food also didn’t have any complaint and even asked for more chicken every now and then. The lassi (sweet yoghurt drink) suggestion also went well with the food. The servings were so generous we were really full leaving my other craving for indian desserts for next time.

Butter Chicken Biryani
A choice of sweet, yoghurt and spicy side dips
Awadhi Murg Biryani

Lastly, we were treated to a frozen biscuit experience to the delight of our little girl. We tried eating small biscuits dipped in liquid nitrogen where you will look like an angry bull with smoke coming out from your mouth & nose.

Overall, we loved the experience and we thought we found another cool hangout place for dinner that’s close by to our place. And since there are only few more days left for the BIRIYANI CHALLENGE, i wish to pass on the same to my readers and avail of Urban Point’s exciting Buy 1 Take 1 promotion at any of the participating restaurants and hotels around Doha.

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