The cool Interior Designs of EGGSPECTATION and MEESH CAFÉ

Over the past few days, we finally got to visit some places that we are quite intrigued about. Unplanned, we headed out to Eggspectation-The Pearl after an event at the Embassy and few days after, me and my son had our boys bonding at Meesh Café-Crowne Plaza Doha.


One thing I’ve noticed is that both have similar interior design styles. And it made me wonder, what’s with the industrial interior design that it’s becoming a popular design concept in most commercial establishments.

“Baring it all takes courage, and modern industrial interior design is about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve raw, edgy style.

What other styles are at pains to hide, industrial design boldly puts on display.

Structural elements are turned into showpieces, achieving a look that seems unfinished, yet cohesive and chic.”


While it was born out of necessity in trying to convert old or abandoned warehouses, factories and barns into spaces conducive to urban living before, even new buildings and establishments wear the same designs now – “bare beams, visible duct work and pipes which adds interest and visual dimension against a surface that is as good as invisible in other design styles”.

Surely, it’s becoming a fad. While Shakespeare and Co would offer a Victorian era themed restaurants and Paul Bakery and Restaurant is your happy place for authentic French pastries, the growing number of coffee shops around Doha would give you a refreshing alternative through their modern industrial decor that takes open concept living to the next level.


It’s a Montreal-born franchise serving a lengthy egg-focused menu and is located at The Peal Qatar and soon at the Mall of Qatar. While they are popular for early risers especially for tenants and morning visitors of The Pearl, they also have good sets for lunch and dinner.

The interior is captivating and cozy. We were there for dinner and the ambient lighting added up to the mix of country feel and industrial designs of the restaurant.

We had yummy pizza for appetizer, filet mignon and pasta for the main, and had strawberry-banana crèpe for dessert.

Over-all, the price is quite like your regular Chili’s or Applebee’s, but Eggspectation offers a different dining experience with its ambiance and a host of eggs-citing menu that will surely eggs-ceed your eggs-pectation! (This is not a paid ads, lol.)


Only about 10 minutes from our place in Mansoura, this coffee shop located at Crowne Plaza Doha The Business Park along Airport Road is becoming popular for office workers as well as nearby residents who just want to grab a hot chocolate and banana milkshake like what we did which went well with their best seller – Chicken Peri Peri Sandwich. We also noticed some beverage products which are locally made in Qatar and yes, the Philippines!

Much as I appreciate food, I could be easily enamored by a shop’s cozy interior. Meesh Cafe have ample spaces and different sections to accommodate group of friends, small business meetings, and even intimate talks. The small details like a high table with electronic charger could be one that many customers will definitely like.

We can say, we’ve found another hip place where one can enjoy a much needed “me-time” while reading a book or doing a blog over a cup of coffee and their highly recommended chicken peri-peri sandwich.



  1. The best thing I love about Meesh Cafe is they have electric socket where I can plug in my laptop while working on my blog! I visit Meesh Cafe on a Saturday noon basis. Hope to see you around there buddy!

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