A Journey to Filipino Culture and Cuisine

UPDATED as of 14.12.2016: This weekend will still be busy amidst the cancellation of various Qatar National Day festivities. Kulinarya Qatar will still  push through with their FAMILY DAY AND YEAR-END BAZAAR at the Garden Terrace of Westin Doha Hotel and Spa on December 16-17-18, 2016. As an event blogger at #KulinaryaQatar2016, Best Life Qatar will also be busy covering the event and will be writing some pre and post event blogs which will be featured at and Kulinarya Qatar’s social media page.

When I first wrote about Kulinarya Qatar last September 2016, I didn’t know it will be noticed by the organizers. My previous blogs were presented as a detailed account of what we’ve seen during those three exciting days. My family and I came as regular visitors, ate our favorite food and enjoyed our moment with friends – the same thing which I intend to do as I blog for this season.

But what gave me real challenge now is to answer a fellow-blogger’s question about WHAT REALLY IS A FILIPINO FOOD?

Even prior to this event, I’ve been exposed to the blogging community in Doha. Most of them are food bloggers while some are into fashion, lifestyle, travel and events. And since I’ve also been on the look-out for good family-friendly restaurants offering value-for-money food and services, it’s easy to identify Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Arabic, or even Indian foods. But Filipino food… let’s say, it’s a bit of Jollibee… or that of Max’s… or those home-cooked meals served at several Filipino Restaurants in Qatar.

I am not a connoisseur to talk about this but I’ve grown to love our food which is a fusion of different cultures that became part of our history. And since we don’t have a unifying brand that would really define what Filipino food is, we can only come up with an explanation that a country with more than 7,100 islands could have as much to offer than its famous adobo and “lechon”(fried) – prepared in either beef or chicken alternative here in the Middle East.

In the next three days, allow me to take you into a journey… to more than 7,000 destinations… through the sumptuous Filipino dishes, mouthwatering desserts and colorful culture that will be showcased in the year-end offering of Kulinarya Qatar this 2016.

We invite you to take a photo of your favorite food and your favorite moments at the event and use our official social media hashtag #KulinaryaQatar2016 .


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