Box Festival At Qanat Quartier

Kulinarya Qatar 2016 ended last December 18, and i can’t help but hope that there would more and a bigger food park will soon open in Qatar – something that offers a wide variety of affordable food just like the food parks that has recently becoming popular in many places in the Philippines.

The likes of those in Maginhawa Street and Xavierville all in Quezon City area are samples of this dynamic food parks using container vans on an open area. It doesn’t only showcase the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit but it’s also a good place for OFWs and tourists to visit while on vacation in the Philippines.

One Fifty Food Place in Maginhawa Street (photo from
The Yard at Xavierville (photo from:

During the weekend, we were at The Pearl for our family dinner and we saw some directional signs leading to BOX FESTIVAL. While a few instagram photos are available, it got us curious as to what’s in store in there.

Located in a quite secluded part of Qanat Quartier (the last coldesac on the same side going to Marsa Malaz Kempinski), a group of colorful container vans are beautifully arranged each one surely is a feast in the eyes.


Most of the stores in front are retail shops for clothes, perfumes and accessories, a few decorative items and even toys. Its even noticeable that some of the products are from the Arab countries which makes it a place for something really authentic.


The rear part are a few food stalls and a big recreation area for kids.


We came a bit late and so the there are less people in there during that time. But i’m pretty sure that not many of my readers (especially my fellow-“kabayans”) are really familiar that such a nice place are available, and so i decided to feature it here at my site.

While it opened during the mid of December 2016 (operational from 10am-11pm), it will only be on display until January 1, 2017 leaving everyone few more days to visit BOX FESTIVAL.


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