Trying out the Senshi Bento Box

It was our chance to return to some places we’ve been before to see new offerings as well as to try the menus that we loved in that place.

We decided to revisit Cactus Senshi to try the new Bento Box that was advertised on social media. It’s still the same refreshing feeling as we entered the place, though a bit less crowded compared to our last visit during their initial opening. The waiting staff are still as attentive and accommodating as before. They’ve even added their signature red throw pillows at the family area – just perfect for a private and relaxing ambiance were looking for our Saturday late lunch.


We came to know about their promotional bento boxes currently being offered for only 49 riyals/each and the staff clearly differentiated it with the original bento boxes. The old bento boxes are now offered at their regular prices (previously at 55 riyals/each during their initial opening).


The Senshi Bento Box is more simplified and uses chicken instead of prawn katsu. It still comes with tom yum soup and churros with chocolate sauce for dessert (but we requested for the old macha green tea crepes and ice cream instead). Senshi Bento Box is offered between 12pm-6pm daily except on Fridays.


We also tried their Japanese Chicken Friend Rice (chargrilled marinated chicken breast with vegetable fried rice, miso grilled mushroom and chargrilled spring onion).  The serving was just enough but it was definitely filling and appetizing, i only had the spring onion left on my plate.


Food goes well with perfect drinks and Cactus Senshi has a good line up of refreshing mocktails to go with their signature dishes.

You know a good place when you visit it more than once and it didn’t disappoint you. Even if you try the same food or check out whatever is new on their menu… it will still be the same satisfying feeling.

I also have to note that valet parking is relatively easier now (compared to our first visit – when the opening hype was still up) and that is still free provided you get your ticket stamped by the restaurant staff.

This is not a paid review and our experience and opinions are entirely personal.

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