Souq Waqif Spring Festival 2017

I was on my way to the bank in Fanar Building when i decided to have a glimpse of the Spring Festival that’s happening at the Souq Waqif just across the street.

My car is parked in front of Fanar building and while finding my way to cross the street, i saw this new structure which seemed like an underpass… and wallah, it was!  I don’t know how many people knew that this exist since there was only an old couple passing through it when i went down to try this airconditioned, hotelish underpass (see video at the end of this post). It is equipped with escalators, elevators and is fully air-conditioned so it is definitely the safest and most convenient way to cross the street coming from Fanar or Filipino Souq area. It could also be a ready facility that will link commuters to the future Souq Waqif Metro Station.


The amusement area which is packed with thrilling rides both for adults and kids are temporarily placed at the parking grounds of Souq Waqif (near the Gold Souq, where usual festivities happen).


The entrance to the park is FREE but one needs to buy a ticket in order to get through any of the rides. There are also food stalls and game booths available for all visitors. There are local concerts and sword dancing that’s happening within the souq and it definitely adds up to the sights and sounds that’s distinctly arabic.


The highlight of the park is definitely the Dolphin Show which is performed every afternoon (4:30pm and 7:15pm) in a makeshift arena.

Honestly, I only stayed until my mobile got drained and didn’t  saw the whole show thinking that i’m going back with the kids anyway. But the initial parts that i saw looked pretty amateur with the dolphin not hitting the ball on several instances. It could also be due to the size of the pool that these gentle mammals cant get their acrobatic acts flawlessly… or could the stunts I’m expecting be at the latter part which i have not see yet.


To sum it all, here’s a short video of my short visit at Souq Waqif’s Spring Festival. I know there are more actions on other parts of Souq Waqif but let me reserve it when I visit again with my family. The festival will run up to 3rd of February only… which leaves us with few more days to experience it. And with the different activities happening around the city, you will surely have different ways to spend your weekend with family or friends.



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