Korean Food Trip – Part 1

Some of you who have been following my blog and my social media knew that i really like anything Korean. Their lifestyle was just appealing to me which i mostly observe from their reality shows and dramas.

I’m just ecstatic to know that more and more Korean restaurants are opening up and apparently, there’s a place in Doha where all of them can be found. That’s in Al Jazeera Street in Bin Mahmoud (turn right at Red Lobster Restaurant when you’re coming from C-Ring Road).

Previously, i’ve already featured TOFU HOUSE in my blog and had been our go to place whenever we are in a need for some Korean love. Recently, they even have expanded their dining area at the first floor while maintaining the price the food quality to benefit their growing satisfied customers.


Last February 12, 2017, Yee Hwa Restaurant soft opened their newest baby right in front of Tofu house and they call it Little Yee Hwa – as it is slightly smaller than their main branch in Al Sadd. Yee Hwa has made a name for themselves as one of the finest Japanese-Korean restaurant in Doha and since then has been attracting patrons of different nationalities.


The design of Little Yee Hwa Restaurant is a bit modern and classy and displays some interesting art pieces from Japan and Korea.


Their menu is a bit simplified owing to their target market but still good enough to serve their popular short orders.


Pretty soon, their branch in Bin Mahmoud will also be expanded following an expected influx of avid customers.


And since i was just out to take my son for their music practice, a short road trip can only accommodate this hot bowl and a takeaway of their “controversial” kimbab which they said was made from fresh ingredients rolled just before serving and not like the usual “pre-made kimbab available in town”.



Up next, we will be trying out Korean Restaurant Sol which is also a branch of the popular Korean Garden Restaurant near Ramada signal along C-Ring road. If you have time, we hope to catch you there too!


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