Korean Food Trip – Part 2

As a continuation of our Korean food adventure, we went to another newly opened Korean Restaurant also in Bin Mahmoud area (Al Jazeera Street) where other Korean Restaurants such as Tofu House and Little Yee Hwa are located.


Located at the ground floor of Universal Suites Hotel Apartments, Korean Restaurant Sol  is the newest branch of the popular Korean Garden Restaurant near Ramada signal and was opened last December 10, 2016 only.


It also serves as the hotel-apartment’s restaurant for their tenants and is also open for non-residents. The resto also have a back door entrance that might not be known to many which can also be used by nearby residents in the area.


Upon entry, you will notice a simply decorated restaurant – from the looks of its furniture, I’m guessing it could a previous restaurant now being managed by Korean Restaurant Sol (but no one could give any confirmation about it).

It has two big frames of their signature menus on both sides of the pillar located at the center of the restaurant. One would immediately notice the affordable prices and the wide variety of Korean dishes to choose from.


I would definitely recommend what i ordered especially for those who are not into spicy food and would opt for a standard sweet and sour taste – i went for Deriyake Deop Bap (no.11). It ‘s like Chicken Teriyaki and it suits my taste very well. We also ordered Doi Sot Bi bim Bap (n0.18), sampled their Jajang Myeon (no.4), and Ya Ki Mandu (no.20) which is like a fried vegetable dumplings.

Ya Ki Mandu
Doi Sot Bi bim Bap
Jajang Myeon
Deriyake Deop Bap

Surprisingly, there were a lot of customers who already knew the place. Some of our friends even visited this place and also made positive remarks about the food.

When we came on a Saturday afternoon, several tables were already occupied but it was already late that we knew that one of them was the Korean Ambassador with some of his staff. They where met by no less than the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Mal Jae Lee.

After sending off his special guests, we did not waste the opportunity and asked the owner for a photo op which he gamely accepted and posed with the popular korean finger heart gesture.


It was really a privilege to meet Chairman Mal Jae Lee, owner of Korean Garden Restaurant and Korean Restaurant Sol who is already in this business for 20 years. Although we only had a short talk, he would like us to refer this place to our friends. And based on what we experienced, i could say this place is definitely a must try.

I had a great time doing this Korean Food Trip series and never did i imagine it to be as exciting as this – discovering new places for authentic yet affordable Korean food here in Doha.

Until our next adventure. KAMSAHAMNIDA!

Today – February 25, 2017 happens to be the same time when i first started blogging a year ago and it’s great to be reminded and thankful of this great platform to express my passion to many people. CHEERS TO MANY YEAR OF BLOGGING!

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