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As Best Life Qatar turns one year old, I felt it’s time to bring out the other side of what this blog really is all about.

While there’s lots of mommy-bloggers out there, Best Life Qatar hopes to be a counterpart which talks about the adventures of being a family man here in Qatar. The struggles, the fears and the anxieties of a dad, learning the few tricks of shopping for baby foods and other baby stuffs, plus coping up with some sleepless nights not only moms are experiencing but dads as well – especially  during the latter part of pregnancy up to few days after giving birth.

At the end of the day, all these sacrifices are best rewarded with that infinite joy of being given the privilege to father a child and officially becoming a family-man.

Johann and Jasmine’s bonding moments.

When my daughter Jasmine was born, it was like a “first-time” feeling again since her big bro Johann was then twelve years old. Giving birth to a premature baby in a foreign country surely gave us an additional challenge. While raising them up in a different culture and environment, my wife and I are thankful for the sense of security and protection we have here. However, we also wouldn’t want them to get tangled up with technologies and gadgets by allowing some time off to play, get dirty, and be happy as a kid.

Enter their world and you will feel like a child again.

On our future blog posts, let us share to you some tips, guides and lessons learned on being a Daddy – while stepping up on my blogging game by featuring more family and budget-friendly restos, discover interesting places for leisure and family entertainment, as well as bringing you to events for kids and adults-alike here in Qatar and overseas.

We hope that just as always, you will continue to journey with us this year and beyond!

Kidzmondo (Mall of Qatar) – truly a children’s world.

Special thanks to Ms. Elizabeth Walker for generously giving us FREE MEDIA ACCESS to Kidzmondo (Mall of Qatar).  She is the founder of a blog called Qatar and Yonder and you may follow her on instagram (@qatar_and_yonder). What a great way to celebrate our blog anniversary and to have a tour around the park on its first public opening day. More of our Kidzmondo adventure on our next blog post.

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