It’s a Children’s World at KIDZMONDO DOHA


Before, one will have to wait for years before they can live their dreams . Now, as early as 4 years old,  our children can instantly become a doctor, nurse, a dentist, a fashion model, a radio anchor, a television announcer, and more. In a world that’s made for kids, they can now have a taste of the future… in a playground that almost seem real.

Flashback to December 31, 2016, we visited KIDZMONDO in Mall of Qatar thinking that it was open according to their facebook page. Unfortunately, they are were still not operational during that time and were only accepting registration for a free tour. Though we haven’t heard from them in the last two months, we thought that we were not probably chosen.


But upon an invitation by our blogger-friend, Ms Elizabeth Walker – founder of Qatar and Yonder, we were given a FREE MEDIA PASS to KIDZMONDO on its very first public opening day last March 1, 2017. And since we came a bit late already, it’s not very crowded and we didn’t have to struggle to enter to most of its stations allowing us to go full circle several times making sure we covered the entire place.

According to their website:

KidzMondo Doha is an international edutainment concept, designed to provide a complete solution for children in a unique indoor theme park. It is a kid-sized city that is created with the intention to impart knowledge through playful learning. Children will experience age-appropriate activities in a dynamic and safe surrounding. 

The entrance fees are as follows:

  • 11 months and below – FREE
  • 1 – 3 years old – QAR90
  • 4 – 14 years old – QAR135
  • Adults – QAR90

The park is open from 10am to 10pm everyday.


At the check-in counter outside, you have to claim your boarding pass just like in a real airplane – giving us a feeling of “traveling” to some place, somewhere. Then you will pass through a security check point and a waiting area similar to where the baggage carousel is. As you “disembark” and enter the theme park, you will feel like you are entering a different world. Using a map, you can navigate the place at your own pace… at your convenience.


Each child will have to first encash their 50 kidlar check to the bank. Kidlar is the official currency at Kidzmondo. They can use it to enter any establishment to “pay” for services like doing artworks, having haircut, doing a salon, or singing at a music studio. In order to keep the activity going, there are also establishments where kids can “earn” kidlars by doing some works related to an actual company like being a doctor, a firefighter, a cashier and more. For a duration of about 15-20 minutes our children will learn different things on every establishments  with the help of an adult coordinator.


While parents can assist and take the kids around the park, the establishments are usually off limits for adults (except for the coordinators). That’s why it’s good that they have actual coffee shops, pizza parlor and burger joints where parents can have some refreshments while while waiting. In there, the real currency is used for all purchases.


Kidzmondo do not have a time limit of stay. The earlier you come, the longer you can stay and be able to go through each and every establishments in the theme park. And whatever kidlar is left or earned at the end of the day, they can exchange it to any items with corresponding value or keep for the next visit.



According to their webisite, you can get a chance to experience kidzMondo FOR FREE by simply registering at

Some of the souvenirs during our Kidzmondo adventure.

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