A new gem that is… Al Orjouan Restaurant & Cafe

We don’t usually run out of idea for dinner after church every Friday. But since we stuffed ourselves with loads of heavy “merienda” during our afternoon drama-thon, we still felt bloated and not ready for a heavy dinner. But after minutes of driving aimlessly, i remembered a friend recommending a new restaurant that just opened in Al Nasr. And we thought to give it a try since we are already in the area.

The restaurant is quite easy to miss since it is squeezed off in a new building establishment opposite the ongoing construction of DOHA SOUQ and the Al Mirqab signal in Al Nasr area. If you are familiar with Vitamins Palace (a fruit resto-bar) and the next new building beside it with several small stalls like Shawarmani is where AL ORJOUAN RESTARANT AND CAFE is located.


A bar will greet you upon entering the restaurant since it is both a cafe and restaurant. The dining area upstairs only have a sitting capacity for around twenty five persons.


The resto’s simplistic design appealed to me as the place is ideal for real conversations over a meal. Their menu is straightforward, no photos but the prices will surely amaze you. And as expected, everything was compensated with their nicely presented and very delicious food.

Mushroom Steak
Pepper Steak
Rocky Road Crepe

It’s been a while since we’ve been to any steakhouse in Doha but AL ORJOUAN changed our mind for less oily, appetizing, and of course, budget friendly steak – though their menu also have several other entries to offer, mostly international and Arabic foods. Some of the highly recommended were their pasta and sandwiches as well as fruit juices and coffee as well.

Being open for less than a month only, i can see that AL ORJOUAN is a good addition to the line up of restaurants available in Al Nasr area. Though parking could post as a challenge, as in all of Al Nasr area, this is definitely a place for something new, something affordable… where you will leave with a happy tummy without overspending.

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