Hippity Hoppity Springtime: Outdoor Party Venues in Doha

“There’s a secret… a little secret. A secret garden we hide away from view. In our secret garden, there’s always much to do. But spring is here and we wanna share our secrets just with you.” 

There’s the lyrics of a popular parade song from Tokyo Disneyland for their spring time presentations. And if you are following my blog posts, you know that I’ve been fascinated by this joyful tone since our last visit last 2016… the happy thoughts still lingers and I know when I close my eyes, I’m in a happy place.

And since Qatar has just entered the spring season too, I thought of sharing some pending articles that I’ve been keeping for quite some time. This is also in response to some long-overdue requests and inquiries for outdoor party venues in Doha.

According to Qatar Meteorology Department’s news released last March 11, 2017, “March is (post-winter month in Doha) the first month of spring season.” Accordingly, spring season is expected to last until mid of June 2017. And with the rising temperature, Spring might be our last chance to hit the outdoors for some family gatherings and celebrations… with bearable weather.

This list of outdoor venues and other party suggestions might be helpful to those who love to plan events like me. As bookings might be difficult especially during weekends and depends on the season, an advance planning is always advisable (even if you intend to use it for the next winter party).

In no particular order, here are the list of family parks in Doha where events/gatherings are allowed. For further details, everyone is encouraged to contact them directly. (DISCLAIMER: the details here are subject to change and subject for approval).

  1. HOTEL PARK – is the latest and probably the most popular park in Doha following the successful staging of the 8th Qatar International Food Festival. Several posters about the Hotel Park’s invitation for parties and events got my attention. And upon my initial contact, they provided me some helpful information.


According to their brochure, Hotel Park can accommodate any activity such as: sports in any discipline, social, training, team building, government celebrations, charity events, corporate events, exhibitions, concerts, weddings, national celebrations and any other activity.

  1. ASPIRE PARK – a big area dedicated to sports and recreation located at the back of Villaggio Mall is also another possible venue for outdoor parties.


Here are some of the guidelines and procedures when you book at Aspire Park:

  • Provided in the venue are 30 chairs , 3 tables (plastic chairs & tables) for FREE.
  • The booking will be good for 4 hours (maximum).
  • The venue can accommodate up to 50 people (maximum).
  • You can bring your own decoration and food for the party and the entertainment so the kids will have fun.
  • Any big, heavy, & with safety issues items must be coordinated prior to the event (barbecue and grills are not allowed in the park)
  • Bouncy castle is allowed but should only be up to 4×4 size and not bigger  and higher than the tent/shade.
  • Cancellation procedures : send email to park services team regarding your cancellation, 1 week before your reservation.

Here’s the location link for reference:

For reservation, please contact: Aspire Logistics – +974 44136878 / 8418 or simply send an email request to and a confirmation will be sent back to be shown to the guard during inspection.

  1. Dahl Al Hammam Park – is another family park located at the corner of Markiya and Arab League Street fronting the soon to be opened Tawar Mall.


A friend of our recently had a party for their daughter in this park and it was surprisingly more vibrant than other parks we’ve been to. Looks like a popular hangout place for families staying in nearby communities. There are small shades and covered cabanas that are ideal for family picnics and small gatherings.

There are no reservation procedures here but one must have to tone down the noise and control the guests without distracting other park goers, as well as to maintain cleanliness of the place especially after the party.


  1. MIA PARK – a popular venue to Doha’s weekend bazaar for local entrepreneurs and home-based businesses, the MIA Park is also good for outdoor events and activities.


For further details, please contact: +974 4422 4444 (MIA Events) or send an email request to if you want to request for a special area where you can set up tables, chairs and balloons. Otherwise, for regular picnic-style, anywhere at MIA Park is allowed.

Other Parks that were recommended to us were:

  • Al Dafna Park
  • Al Wakra Public Park
  • Al Khor Corniche
  • Simaisma Park
  • Al Shahaniya Park
  • Ali Bin Jassim Park

Should you have information about these parks, please feel free to comment below and we will try to update this blog for future reference.

Aside from these family parks, other pocket gardens in your community might also be a good alternative. Be sure to coordinate properly to your administration or security office as you don’t want problems to arise while the set-up has been done or when your guests are already at the venue.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Here are some of the recommended party organizers that could also help you from venue setup to event hosting. I might also write a special feature on this sometime soon.

  1. Softspot Party And Events Coordinator Doha – they’ve been a helping me out in some of my events (especially personal) and I’ve been recommending them also to my friends since I personally had a hands-on experience with them. Check out their facebook account for samples of their works.12308447_10208432871362038_8472058751252747354_n
  2. Chocolate Fish Parties – lately, I’ve in contact with them online for some of my future requirements and reference. Their website provides you with all necessary information should you want to hire them for your party. You may also check their instagram account for samples of their works.


Lastly, this article won’t end without saying that our creativity shouldn’t be limited to what’s hip and popular. A lot of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ideas usually come in handy and available references such as this feature will help you in planning out a nice event for your family or company. The key is always to plan ahead and do research even you don’t actually need it for now (maintain a Pinterest account for this). But in case that budget or time is of the essence, I’m sure there will always be some helping hands and group of people who will always be available for you.

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