CONDO LIFESTYLE: Online Shopping, Online Food Delivery

While condo residents may be very cautious about their expenses, there are also times when you think that saving for time and efforts are worth more than saving a few pesos.

Especially, there would be days when you don’t feel like going out to go for shopping or buying food, the only resort is to go online. The day will come when you don’t have anything to cook and the thought of just going to the nearby mall on a hot weather is already tiring. Aside from that, going to the mall just to eat wouldn’t be enough so you might be tempted to buy anything you’ll see and so the impulsive buying just so you won’t go home empty handed. All these thoughts will discourage you to get up your bed altogether.

So for the first time, i tried Jollibee Online Delivery. Out of curiosity, i logged in and was surprised that the whole process was very easy you don’t even need a card (otherwise i wouldn’t have proceeded). First, i just logged in to, chose my orders, fill-out the delivery information and indicated CASH for payment option, and that’s it!


After few minutes, I already received an email confirmation that my order is on the way. That’s so cool!

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 11.43.44 AM

Around 12:15pm, my order came just in time when i finished doing the drafts for my blog.


What surprised me is the thought that what if some denied having ordered or if some will just play prank and it will be a total waste of food and effort on the part of the delivery staff. Though I’m sure they have ways to make some verification… but that’s makes online ordering magical.

On the same day, I’m also expecting the next batches of my orders from Lazada. After having lunch, the delivery man from Lazada Express came with my order! I will be having an separate blog post for my Lazada haul. Please watch out for it!


This post may come petty or ordinary to some. But I’m sharing this with childish awe having personally tried this online experiences for the very first time. Im pretty sure that one out of 100 readers may still find this helpful, if not amusing… just like how i am amazed with the entire online concept. God bless ONLINE SHOPPING!




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