The Yard at Xavierville: The Trendsetter

By hitting two birds in one stone, this FOOD PARK SERIES is intended as feature blog posts which could serve as a guide for returning Overseas Filipinos (OF’s) and tourists, as well as recommended locations for my Airbnb guests. The reference point will be the distance from my condo unit at Grass Residences and/or SM North EDSA which is also a landmark mall in the area. These are not sponsored posts and the opinions are the writer’s own. – BEST LIFE QATAR

I’m almost about to give up the idea of visiting The Yard due to time constraint. Indeed, three weeks of vacation wasn’t enough to cover many itineraries… meeting families and friends, doing some personal stuffs, and more. Luckily, a change in my schedule made it possible for me to squeeze it in for another tick off the bucket list.



The Yard at Xavierville is one of the pioneers in the food park business in Manila. They started the trend since mid 2016 and it was during their entry into the market when more and more food parks of the same calibre was given birth.

It was a battle beyond quality and price and more of convenience, variety and the most instagram-worthy food presentation. And i can say that Manila has a lot to offer and the food park business is here to stay.


The Yard at Xavierville is located in a residential area just across the Ateneo University and very close to many other schools… right smack into their target market – the millennials.

It has several food establishments offering rice meals, milkshakes and juices, street foods, and international cuisines ranging from Japanese, Korean, to Arabic food (there’s even a shisha counter). It is made of container vans stacked one on top of another forming layers of food stalls and extra seating spaces. Adorned with light bulbs and neon lights, the cozy outdoor ambiance is quite a popular hangout place for younger generations and few families i spotted when i visited the place. (Disclaimer: there are many other establishments other that the ones that appear on this blog. You may visit The Yard facebook page for more information).


What’s also amusing is the play of words used in some of the stores. It adds curiosity and identity to rather common brands and cuisines:

“Squad Goals”
“We use waffle”
“Fried Day / Friday”

Another useful tips for returning OFWs and expat tourists, make sure to purchase a local sim in order to maximize some of the freebies available. Most establishments including The YARD has partnered with telecom companies to provide an hour of free WIFI services. Also, in order to get discounts and collect point with GRAB CAR, you have to register using a local number. In my case i used my Qatar sim in downloading the app so i wasn’t able to receive promo codes for fare discounts.

So there’s some hacks for a more enjoying stay in Manila!


Disclaimer: The visit to the mentioned food parks are done during the period of May 1-24, 2017. There may be changes in the lineup of restaurants or menus being offered when you visit so better check out their facebook or instagram account for latest updates.

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