I’m Onsen Spa Birthday Treat for Mama Edna

Our visit to I’M Hotel was part of our mother’s day and birthday surprise to my mother-in-law. My Nanay Rita is no longer with us so i can only pour out all my love to the one who looks after me now like her very own. And since my wife and daughter weren’t able to come with us in the Philippines to celebrate it together, and my ever busy son wasn’t available either, we just had to do it on our own and had to personally enjoy the treat, too.


The hotel is located at the corner of Kalayaan and Makati Avenues and was only opened in the early part of 2017. Though relatively new, it is fast becoming popular especially to foreign visitors.


But aside from their 5-star hotel facilities, it is their spa located at the upper ground floor that is becoming the talk-of-the-town. It is the first Onsen Spa in the Philippines and also the largest urban spa property in the country occupying 6-floors in the hotel. (Onsen is a Japanese word for hot-spring.)

The Largest Urban Spa in Manila with an Onsen Concept
Spanning an expansive 3800 sqm over 6 storeys, I’M Onsen Spa is the largest state-of-the-art spa in the Philippines featuring a unique carbonated bath with technology imported from Japan. Guests can choose to avail their treatments in a wide variety of rooms, from communal beds to couple rooms with ensuite jacuzzis or steam rooms, or executive and VIP rooms. It also features relaxation lounges and a buffet helmed by renowned Chef King Fonacier. Prices are all-inclusive and come with access to all the above. All stays come with free access to the spa’s facilities. – I’m Hotel 

From the Hotel Lobby at the lower ground floor (LG), you have to take the lift going to the upper ground floor (UG) to reach the Spa Reception area. While walk-ins are welcome, it is always advisable to reserve ahead of time. However, they require reservations to be pre-paid in order to secure your preferred time and date of treatment. They accept either direct bank transfers or payment made directly at the spa at least 3 days/ 72 hours before your reservation.

See their different treatments and packages on their website.


Once everything is settled at the spa reception, you will be given an wristband (like a ride-all-you-can ticket) to have an access to a one-time buffet meal (during lunch or dinner) or shabu-shabu buffet (from 2-6pm) at their all-day dining restaurant – Bloom Restaurant located at the 4th floor.



After the meal, the changing room will be at the 2nd floor. There will be a separate wellness suites for men and women each having individual electronic lockers, toilets and shower rooms, a finnish wood sauna, a herbal steam room, and two onsen pools (carbon dioxide bath which promotes detoxification and mineralized bath which dissolves excess oils). Guests are instructed to observe a standard onsen etiquette and wear a yukata (Japanese kimono) while inside the spa.


After changing, you will be led to a Tea Lounge located at the Mezzanine 2 (M2) which is Onsen Spa’s waiting area before and after the massage. They serve complimentary wellness tea while enjoying stillness and a view of the city through its glass window panels. Ideally, you have to spend some time here before going for massage especially if you have just taken a meal.


Afterwards, the therapists will bring you to the Spa Treatment Pods/Executive Suites at the 3rd floor. It has single spa pods (for privacy), couple suites (two beds in one pod) and VIP party lounges. The ambiance is quiet, dimly-lit, and very spacious.

Definitely, it was one of the most relaxing 60-minutes massage I had in a long time.


After getting refreshed, you can return to the wellness suite for another dip at the hot pool and a shower to rinse off excess oils.

It was late afternoon when we came and so we were treated to a beautiful nightscape when we headed out to the Mermaid Pool.


The Makati skyline has become even more elegant and the hotel’s entrance down below is even more visible from it’s acrylic-bottomed infinity pool.


This experience is highly recommended to returning Overseas Filipinos (OF’s) and expat travelers who will include Makati Business District in their itinerary  which is only few minutes away from the airport.

While an overnight stay at I’m Hotel includes access to the wellness suites of Onsen Spa, the treatment cost may not be included for room only package (see all-inclusive promo here). Note: The highlighted links will direct you their website for more details. 

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