Lazada Haul: “Effortless Shopping” for OFWs

I may not be a techy person, but i know that there are also people like me who have only been exposed to online shopping very recently. Funny enough, I’m starting to enjoy doing it after my first try!

Way before my vacation, someone introduced me to, an online shopping website operating in many Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It’s like the of Southeast Asia and they have been operating in the Philippines since 2012. As of April 2016, Lazada is majority-owned by Alibaba Group (according to Wikipedia). covers wide range of different items from Electronics, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Baby & Toys, Sports & Travel, and Motors, Music & Groceries. 

Effortless Shopping for OFWs by homepage

The Big Deal

For many customers, we are still accustomed to buying physical products on stores. We still want the experience of shopping, comparing prices, and checking the items before we buy it. We even have the connotation of online products as expensive, delivery is unsure, and maybe, the quality isn’t that good.

But nowadays, there are already some inconveniences of buying on the groceries. Aside from the effort of traveling, or walking for some, it’s also the long queues and the additional cost for plastics bags (that’s extra for not bringing your ecobag). Aside from that, if you are like me, you will always end up missing an item on your grocery list.

Sample of delivery receipt.
Want to be a vlogger? hehehe.

How does it work?

As I was on vacation, i tried the concept of online delivery and online shopping. First i tried it with a popular chicken joint in the Philippines. Before, we use to call a hotline number and our orders will be taken cared of by a customer service staff. Now, ordering can be done online without talking to anybody and without using a credit card. And it will be delivered straight to the doorsteps of your home or condo unit in approximately 30-45 minutes. And that’s so cool!

Same goes with online shopping. Unlike food which usually cost less than gadgets or accessories, shopping those things online usually go with concerns regarding quality assurance and payment security.

But the good news is, now accepts CASH ON DELIVERY which not only eliminate worries about any kind of fraud or failure of delivery but also assures quality of the product through its return policy and/or money back guarantee on extreme cases. Though i can also read some negative reviews, but just like in physical groceries, they also have customer care and returns and replacement sections to take care of the same concerns. Most of the problems, as per my readings, are product – related which is usually taken cared of by the suppliers while the packaging and speed of delivery is usually positively praised.

You can buy even simple items like this toothpaste dispenser set in Lazada
They also come in bundles and relatively cheaper when purchased individually! Want some, i can give away few pieces! Comment down below.
Car accessories… yes they have!

My first-time experience with!

I have so many items in mind to buy from Lazada. I already browsed some of it earlier on and already made my own shopping list, mostly car and home accessories as well as some gadgets for personal use.

I intentionally made two batches of order to check how it goes when i ordered in our house in Caloocan and the second batch in my condo unit in Quezon City. And here are my observations:

  1. The online process is quick and easy. If you want to cancel and change some items, you just have to do it immediately to avoid delivery problems.
  2. Some items are delivered a day after to about 3 days maximum. To secure fast delivery, check the details of the product and note portion which says “Expected Delivery Time”. I also observed that even if you ordered in bulk, delivery is done individually or per supplier. It might take some time, but it will sure come on the specified delivery period.
  3. The packing is safe and the delivery personnel are very courteous. However, just like any courier services, the only downside is that they do not give exact time of delivery. So you have to wait for them on the day they will confirm the delivery. But since LEX personnel (Lazada Express) uses sms/text messaging in confirming the delivery, you can actually call the drivers and agree on a time frame to minimize your waiting time. But of course, we also have to understand them considering the other deliveries, the weather, and the traffic.
  4. I received the items in Manila but i have not unboxed some of it until this blog post. Good thing, i didn’t have any problem with my baggage on the way to Qatar and i successfully brought here in Doha. I still have to try it though and maybe make another post or update very soon.
  5. The quality is of course dependent on the brand and price you paid for but you can also base your judgement on the reviews made by some users/buyers online. You can also watchout for Lazada promotions as they sometimes give big discounts for limited time only.
My first drone… for only Php1999! I’m so eager to try it out… ooops, careful with security.
I didn’t expect this to be that big!
Asus phone to go with kuya’s Asus laptop. We only bought the phone online.

Throwback to our most loved Family Computer? Here it is for only Php986.99!
I hope they will not implement the Anti-Distracting Law here in Qatar.
I first saw this VR box at the Samsung S7 launch in Qatar. So i bought one in Lazada. 
Finally, action camera to complete the vlogger gear? Hmmm….

“Effortless Shopping” for OFWs

The main purpose of this post is to give idea to fellow OFWs to try online shopping in general and to buy items for their family back home for personal use or for special occasions. Although the delivery is only within the Philippines, purchase can be done anywhere in the world. At first, you may try sending money to pay COD and once you have the confidence, you may opt for credit card payments later on.

The tagline “effortless shopping” is so true. From the wide range of product catalogs that are available online, you can simply browse on it and click anything you like. The price may be a little higher than those in the counter, but hey! – consider also the other cost when you get up to pick up only a bottle of shampoo and end up buying cool shake on the way home.


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