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Late at night and i was still at the mall… watching people as they stroll. Checked the stores… visited some shops who usually clad themselves with Mothers day ads. No special discounts, no special promos. For dads on their special day… there’s nothing on display. Til i reach one store and browsed by the long shelf, and there i found few layers of greeting cards for whom they call… Super Dads. Ahhh… nowadays, it’s only Hallmark who wouldn’t fail… feelings that every Dad wouldn’t tell. 

Few weeks earlier, i planned to have a roundup of Fathers Day promos and discounts being offered in Qatar. I asked around and sent inquiries but received no response except for a few who mentioned their ongoing Ramadan offers. Looks like there were no signs of having a celebration for Father Day… even half as grand as Mother’s Day.

Why do we spend less on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day? A very recent article on BBC states that “perhaps dads are also less interested in tangible tokens of appreciation“. They even added that:

“…fathers think they don’t really need expensive, showy trinkets, or anything like mom’s bouquet of flowers… They’re not typically gift oriented. They generally don’t expect anyone to feel an obligation to buy material items for them.” excerpt from the same article

But as a son and as a father, i would like to think that giving gifts or honoring someone isn’t measured by the amount of gift or how fancy the celebration should be. It’s measured on how thoughtful every words are wrapped, and how genuine is the thought that goes with it.

And while it is true that this gesture isn’t just a one day celebration but a daily… and constant reassurance of our love… may it be for mothers or fathers, a day to honor one’s stature in our life won’t hurt. Click here to know the Brief History of Father’s Day.

We recently had a topic on our couple’s group, and I thought of sharing it on my blog. Though it’s about Love and Respect (between husbands and wives), it was a reminder on what matters most to men than expensive gifts and elaborate celebrations. According to the handbook The Heart of Marriage, here are some ways wives are to respect their husbands:

  1. Acknowledge his calling and “office” as head of the family. Respond to his leadership. Respect him with what you say or do. Restrain yourself from manipulation, control, or stepping in for him.
  2. Praise and encourage him. Be his biggest fan, prayer warrior and motivator.
  3. Be a helper and co-labor with him. Be unified in purpose with him. Exercise the authority given to you with humility.
  4. Love and give yourself wholly to him. Be one – spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

For sons and daughters… and for all of us, showing of love and admiration should be equal to both mothers and fathers. We don’t know how a simple gesture of remembering could touch one soul. Watch this Filipino commercial… as the title puts it well, Dads have feelings too.


To all the super heroes out there… HAPPY FATHER’s DAY! Greetings from Doha’s Daddy Blogger – Best Life Qatar.



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