Sharing My Passion: My first ever lecture about blogging

I was over the moon seeing the turn out of participants during my recent lecture on blogging last June 25, 2017. My heart is beaming with so much gratitude even as i try to recall being a bit nervous then, not because of the presentation, but if someone will really show up for it. That’s why, I was really surprised to see that much people who came in to attend my mini-lecture.

The participants during the lecture. Photos courtesy of Mr. Frank Dizon
Fellow Filipino bloggers who showed support during my first ever lecture on blogging. (From left to right: Ms. Darlene (@pointandshootwanderlust), Ms. Lenny (@luckilylenny), Ms. Cyril (@idressupandeat) and insert Mr. Frank Dizon – our “good samaritan” photographer (@frankdizonfilms)

I am very thankful to everyone who were able to make it in spite of the short notice on the changes of schedules (from June 26 to June 25 due to the early announcement of Eid Holidays). We sincerely apologize to those who really would have wanted to attend on the 26th… it was the organizer’s call to change the initial schedules accordingly. Let’s hope that there will be Part 2 of this session and we will keep you posted through our social media accounts.

Prior to the event, there has been several happenings including the special feature of Best Life Qatar on Qatar Tribune, and the invitation by the organizers of the 119th Philippine Independence Day for me to become one of the lecturers during the 3-day celebrations.

As one event happened after another, I was simply overwhelmed. If that wasn’t enough, there was also the guesting i did earlier on. It was for a tele-radio show hosted by UFOQ (United Filipino Organizations in Qatar) and AFJQ (Alliance of Filipino Journalists in Qatar) which is usually aired every Sunday via facebook livestream.

It was an opportunity to promote the lecture to all its viewers and to introduce my self as the speaker. Surprises kept on coming from nowhere, and that night’s episode even ended with an official invitation by no less than their President, Ms. Ai Agonia, for me to become a member of AFJQ. It was an invitation that i humbly accepted.


I’ve never realized that this passion to share our family adventures, which in the process are providing helpful information to our readers, would come this far, this early. We are thankful for the support of the people who have made all these possible, my family, the Kulinarya Team who were the one’s who believed in my capabilities and introduced me to the Filipino events when I was still starting, my fellow bloggers who were my encourager and inspiration, and to all those who are patiently reading my posts. Thank you!

Above photos are courtesy of Bro. Herbert Sam

It started with a dream of becoming a reliable source of information to my readers. Our family adventures are simply an evidence of the best life that we are enjoying in Qatar, especially to those who have little knowledge of the country and even to those who are already considering this their second home. We will definitely continue to do what we are passionate to do… to spread positivism and inspiration to the community.


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