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Best Life Qatar will now have monthly “MEET, GREET and LEARN sessions”

Our exposure to community events further opens up a lot of exciting opportunities. During the recent Philippine Independence Day Celebration in Doha-Qatar, #BestLifeQatar had been invited to share tips on “How to Start a Blog”. But due to changes in the schedules and simultaneous events going on during the 3-day event, some registered participants were not able to make it – prompting few others to send us requests and messages for more sessions in the future.


And while thinking of a community-based program that will make BEST LIFE QATAR’s existence more meaningful, I decided to take off from where we started before.



We use to give FREE lectures and seminars on several interesting topics. Last November 2016, we had a special session about AIRBNB hosting as requested by our friends and readers after we featured it on our blog.  It was then followed by the latest invitation from the PIDC organizers.

Airbnb Session held at Figarro Coffee in Doha last November 18, 2016

And since it seemed that BEST LIFE QATAR is headed toward this path, it is but natural to follow the lead to further strengthen our mission: #blog2help. With hearts full of excitement, we are announcing that effective July 2017, we will be having a MEET, GREET and LEARN sessions every third Fridays of each month.


As we are finalizing our partner venue, we hope to accommodate first 10-15 participants for every casual sessions. Details will be posted soon. We also look forward to sharing this platform to fellow bloggers/resource speakers to further enhance this knowledge-sharing campaign.

Keep your self posted by subscribing to our blog and our social media accounts. You can also comment or email us your preferred topics/suggested guests and we will try to arrange it in the coming days.



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I'm a Christian, a husband and a father, a Filipino expat in Qatar, entrepreneur, aspiring blogger, freelance real estate consultant, lover of anything KOREAN, an adventurer.

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