What’s new in the neighborhood?

Going around our area last week made me realize that there has been a lot of changes happening. Old buildings being demolished, new buildings being constructed, many new restaurants have opened… and more.

I would normally jog around my neighborhood in Mansoura before. But as of late, I can’t find time nor muster the strength to go back to my regular habit. We would even bring the car just to go the supermarket which is just a block away from our house. And now, even food is very accessible through home delivery services.

Some popular restaurants for grilled chicken in Mansoura area
Line up of restaurants in Najma area

One evening, after the meetup with fellow bloggers, I happened to pass by this side of Mansoura and saw a relatively new signage. Being inquisitive that I am, I immediately scheduled a visit the next day.


GRILL HOUSE is like your typical restaurant which offers our all-time favorite grilled chicken and other popular Indian and Arabic staple foods. The only difference is that, at almost the same price, they now provide a more cozy dining atmosphere, with a nice and clean interior plus a separate area for families. Also, they added some Chinese menu (probably to cater to Southeast Asian palate). It also has a separate grill area, and a juice bar (our left over juice even came back to us sealed… and we find it really awesome). The size of the restaurant is just enough but the parking, as in most places in Mansoura area, might be a challenge.


Since Mansoura is home to a diverse culture like Indians, Filipinos, and some Arabs, I think this will be a good dining option for those who would want to have a quick meetup with friends. They also have home delivery services for residents within the vicinity. Checkout their facebook page for more of their menu.


This is not a sponsored post and the photos uploaded here are taken during our actual visit with permission from the restaurant staff. It is always our pleasure to present new and exciting dining destinations and be a reliable source of what’s new and what’s hip in and around town. #blog2help


GRILL HOUSE Location: Abha Street, Al Mansoura. For home delivery, call 4444 2191.

Grill House


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