La Noche Española en Rotana

A sense of familiarity… a taste that’s distinct and inviting… the Spanish themed-night of City Center Rotana Doha beckons me home.

We came a bit early for the dinner invitation but were surprised to see a packed room with some corporate guests celebrating a special occasion during that day. It actually added to the festive atmosphere.


Aside from being in the hotel for several times already, as if it was becoming our family’s favorite place for staycation and for celebrating intimate family events (like birthdays), so some of the restaurant staffs are already familiar with us. Welcoming us with so much delight gives a special feeling of warmth and sincerity.


That was the overall feel of the night. The food… the personalized service… IT FELT LIKE HOME.

During Spain’s 333 year rule in the Philippines, it undoubtedly left a remarkable imprint on Filipino lifestyle, moreover on our food and cooking style. Much of our well-loved dishes are influenced if not totally “Spanish”… from sardines, to omelet, embutido, leche flan, churros and many more.

And so the Spanish Night evoked the inner “español” in us. My wife perfectly had Jasmine dressed-up like a Spanish flamengco dancer!

Several of their main dishes are close to our favorite food back home. And while talking to their Spanish resident chef, it was meticulously prepared so as to maintain the authenticity while observing the local traditions in the Middle East where certain ingredients are not allowed.


The low carb menu included choices of paella, an array of seafood and beef dishes, choices of croquets, and equally tempting Spanish desserts, and more. There were also cheese and arabic salad stations… even some sushi to break the monotony.

While there were a couple of dishes which used wine, they were properly labeled for easy identification. Wine has been an essential component of Spanish cuisines especially in the preparation of meat and select seafoods both for marinating and aromatic purposes. This somehow adds a sense of authenticity on the menu that was being presented for that night.


It was also great to finally meet some of the PR and media executive of City Center Rotana Doha as well as several fellow bloggers who were also present that night. And while we were guests for the Spanish Night of Olive Oil Restaurant, all thoughts and opinions on our restaurant experience are my own.


And will i ever forget? The stars in my eyes were those line of desserts… ooooh, they were just mouthwatering!


The Spanish Night – La Noche Espanola is held every Tuesdays (from 6:30 pm to 10:30pm) along with other theme nights every Sundays (French Bistro) and Thursdays (Sicilian Night). Buffet dinner starts from QR150 per person and Entertainer voucher is also accepted. To reserve a table for your midweek party or intimate dinner, please call 4445-8888 or email

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