LIVE BLOG: Carluccio’s at Doha Festival City

CELEBRATIONS EVERYWHERE. And quite literally, one after another. This time, the team of Antonio Carluccio’s in Qatar officially launched their newest branch located at Doha Festival City last August 15, 2017. Joining the list of exciting restaurants at DFC, Carluccio’s are in to provide an authentic Italian cuisine that is consistent to the vision of its legendary founder –

“to show people they can eat simple, decent food with nice surroundings and nice smiley service for a fair price.”


We had a chance to visit Carluccios The Pearl few months back and we enjoyed both the alfresco setting as well as the food that’s why we are very excited to receive an invitation for the opening of its DFC branch.


Tomato and Pesto Bread
Chicken Caesar Salad
Prawn Marinara


Chicken Milanese, Pasta Fritta, and Seafood Skewer


Salted Caramel Panna Cotta, Chocolate Brownie, Passionfruit Meringue

Intrigued by the dominant blue color on the logos and designs of most Italian restaurants, I came to know that Blue was the official colour of the Royal House of Savoy and this tribute to the Italian monarchy survives up to now.

“Azzurro (literally, azure) is the national color of Italy. The light blue color, together with the tricolore (green, white and red), is a symbol of Italy.”



Four months after Doha Festival City opened its doors to the public last April 5, 2017, there were already a lot of cafés and restaurants that has opened to “indulge our sense of taste”.

Carluccio’s is located at the Ground Floor of Doha Festival City (close to IKEA mall entrance) and is open throughout the day for delicious Italian breakfast, lunch and dinner. While we were guests to their opening night, all photos and the opinions stated on this post are entirely the writer’s own. For updates, visit:

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