HENCE THE NAME: What do these numbers mean?

Nowadays, Doha’s casual dining scene has turned out to be even more exciting. The ongoing situation in the GCC made it possible for Doha residents and expatriates to stay within the country and explore new places around town.

Surprisingly, we noticed some quirky signs which are not only eye catching but also intriguing. Like, have you noticed those restaurants and café’s with numbers attached to their names? I find it really interesting so I compiled some of them and explored about the stories and histories, hence the name.

It’s one of those days when you want to write on something and even trivial things can really be fascinating.


Bistro 22

It is an Italian gourmet restaurant in Doha, serving specialties – Pizza, Pasta, Salads & Desserts located at the Ground Floor of Al Mansour Suites in Mansoura.

WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN? Interestingly, we were told that 22 is the number of beverages and food that they are serving in the restaurant. We haven’t been able to confirm it but that’s what the staff gladly shared to us. We visited them during their Happyliccious Hours and only selected items are included in the promotion. So maybe it’s an invitation to try their other menu on regular days.


La Casa Twenty Eight

This restaurant is serving authentic Mediterranean homemade cuisine in Qatar since 2015. They have branches at the Oasis of Mall Of Qatar and at Medina Centrale, The Pearl.

WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN? There’s actually no significance in the name – rather, it was a personal choice of the restaurant owner. An article from even noted that the atmosphere of the place is like having a home cooked meal at your grandma’s.


41 Degrees WS Grill

It is an American style restaurant with “a little extra special”. It is located at the Ground Floor of Shomoukh Towers in Al Sadd.

WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN? 41° WS pays homage to the classic American diner with a modern twist. Walter Scott is credited with starting the American food revolution, he launched the very first patented grille/diner in Rhode Island (41 Degrees North), Providence, USA in 1872 – hence the name 41 DWS! Source:


Café 42 Doha

A cozy cafe located at the Ground Floor of the new Outpatients Building of Al Emadi Hospital in D-Ring Road, Al Hilal.

WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN? Nothing was written about the cafe’s name and i was guessing that they might be open from 4pm to 2am only to find out that they are open from 4pm to 10pm – a little too short for a rather busy location.

Without a contact number or any working site to browse, I’m challenged to inquire about it when i visit the place one of these days. The instagram posts are very inviting as the place is also special for our family since our little Jasmine was born at Al Emadi Hospital.


800 Degrees Pizzeria

800 Degrees Pizza gives the country the truest taste of Italian pizza fit for royalty. Their first branch in Qatar has opened recently at the Doha Festival City.

WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN? Designed for efficiency, 800 Degrees Pizza uses an assembly-line process where you move down the counter and see your pizza made right before your eyes. The first station is crust, then the toppings, until the pie finally reaches the cook, who inserts it into one of the ovens, narrow slits in a tile wall, true wood-burning ovens, where it is cooked at a temperature of at least 800° – hence the name – and as much as 1000°. Source:



It is a contemporary cafe dining in an urban setting located at Doha Fire Station right at the corner of Civil Defense signal.

WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN? Café #999 received its name from the heritage of the iconic building complex in which it is located which everyone in Doha recognises as fire station building since it housed the headquarters of the Civil Defence Department of Doha until recently. Source:

The number 999 is Qatar’s emergency hotline number.


Caffè Vergnano 1882

It is a boutique cafe which specializes on Italian coffee. They have several branches in Qatar including their latest one at Suhaim Bin Hamad, Al Jassim Tower (along C-Ring road).

WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN? A company with a long, prestigious history, Caffè Vergnano was founded in 1882. It started as a small apothecary in Chieri, a small town at the foot of the Turin hills, a business set up by the current owner’s grandfather of the company: Domenico Vergnano. Source:


IT’S ALMOST WEEKEND, and a good hangout place might just be the one that you actually need. We’ve visited 2 out of 7 on the list (Bistro22, 800 Degrees  was for take out only, and Cafe #999) and we’re planning to check out one this weekend.

Comment down below if you have been to any of these places or you know any other restaurants or cafes in Doha with NUMBERS on theirs NAMES and mind sharing with us, what do these numbers mean?



DISCLAIMER: All photos are taken from the restaurant or cafe’s instagram accounts. For more details or reservation, you may contact them directly through their social media accounts.






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