Event Organizing: My QR1500 Challenge

How about you organize a party with a budget of QR1,500 for around 20-25 pax? Do you have some party ideas in mind? Where do you want to spend your special occasion?

One lazy afternoon, I was just checking on my events calendar and I noticed that the last quarter of the year will be very busy with different kinds of invitations. I just thought of sharing some of the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION about organizing events and here are some of my suggestions when planning for a small/family event (for any occasion). These options show different themes and presentations given the above budget and number of guests.


Private Party with Staycation

OPTION 1: 3-BR Hotel (Overnight Stay) + Catered/Homecooked Filipino Food

Hotel Booking: QR 700 (with breakfast for 6 persons – using corporate discounts)

Food per viand QR 120* per tray good for 8 persons x 6 orders (2 for each viands)

Soft drinks: QR 80

TOTAL: QR 1,500

*Source: Amwaj – Special Tray    

ADVANTAGES: There are apartment hotels around Doha which allow this type of private/family gatherings. The spacious layout is ideal for a small family get-together. Though there should be restraint in noise and excessive flow of people, this option is best for some games and fun activities. The organizers will also have a leg room for decoration and food selection. An overnight stay with breakfast and use of swimming pool may still be enjoyed by the host family on the following day.

DISADVANTAGES: While almost half of the allocated budget will go to the venue cost, only half can be spent for food. Aside from that, this may seem to be an overused concept, but you can still try it if you haven’t experienced it yourself.

Fine Dining Party

OPTION 2: Buffet Dinner at a Hotel without program – using Entertainer Voucher

Buffet Dinner: QR150 for 2 (10 pairs = 20 pax)  (except for Thursday Seafoods night which cost QR169/pax)

TOTAL: QR 1,500

*Source: Double Tree by Hilton – L2 Buffet Seafood Dinner (or other equivalent hotel/restaurant)

ADVANTAGES: Less preparation in a more cozy ambiance. For active individuals who just want to have a more intimate celebration over a nice buffet meal, this may just be a perfect option. Personal touches can still be done on this option like putting a souvenir item on top of each plate area and a centerpiece decoration that could give your guests a special treat about the theme of your event (cake, balloons, flower arrangements and others).

DISADVANTAGES: No long program except for a short welcome note from the host, need for Entertainer Vouchers (in order to accommodate more guests), and advance scheduling with the hotel/restaurant making sure that they don’t have big bookings for the night. Avoid doing this option via WALK IN.

Cowboy Party

OPTION 3: A burger party (for a more cowboy, outdoorsy ambiance)

Burger Meals    QR35(kids) to QR60(adult)* x 25pax

TOTAL: QR1,500

*Source: Burgeri – while they don’t have party package, guest can reserve a place and order ala carte menu.

ADVANTAGES: Much like Option 2 except for a more unique and specific theme that suits the character of the venue (Burgeri at Aspire Park). The ground floor is air-conditioned with a more enclosed, dim lighted, garage-feels dining area. The second floor is open-air with partitions accentuated by my personal favorite – the light bulbs, that’s ideal for evening parties. Minor decorations can still be done with approval from the restaurant.

DISAVANTAGE: This option is best for burger lovers (kids for example) or those who are cool with light snacks. Noise should be minimized as the open-air portion is just right at the entrance of the Aspire Park. Minor distractions from other restaurant guests might be eminent due to the openness of the area (privacy options may be arranged with the restaurant, i.e. signages, cordon or partitions).


Few Tips based on Experience!

While there are other (cheaper) options available like a clubhouse party, picnic at the park, or a simple house party, the above are options you can consider to make for a unique event. Here are few of my tricks in organizing a party.

  1. SELECT A THEME. It’s actually personality-based. Don’t do something that you are not. But browsing on some ideas will help you become what you dream of becoming (a princess, in a fantasy land, dancing to your favorite Disneyland song).
  2. FINALIZE YOUR GUEST LISTS. Trim down your guest depends on budget, prioritize those who are available on that day. This will show you how big your venue will be. The guest list will also guide you in choosing your menu (more kids or more adults), your table arrangements, your program, and how you want them to confirm their attendance (by call/sms, facebook, etc). Personally, I recommend calling each guest to ensure that your head count is consistent with your food orders.
  3. LOOK FOR A VENUE. This will definitely depend on your budget. Those with big budget may opt for party-ready venues while those with tight budget might have to stretch their creativity for some DIY decorations, plus a good mix-and-match of menu. Proximity/distance, parking, as well as air conditioning, soundproofing/ system, and lighting are some of the most important things to considering when choosing a good venue. I would prefer to put budget on a good sound system rather than videos.
  4. BUY YOUR DECORS and PARTY FAVORS. Good that we have thrift shops and supply stores around Doha which offers affordable items for decorations and souvenirs. If time is enough, I also suggest buying specialty items on ebay (like party favors with special characters that are not readily available in the stores). While it only costs around USD20-30 depending on design and quantity, it will also amaze your guests with your resourcefulness. Others also order from DIY websites for their personalized party favors. You can do some tricks on your cakes as well. Beautiful fondant cakes oftentimes serves for decoration purposes only and those cupcakes around are the edible ones.
  5. PROGRAM. Avoid doing the usual program. I always suggest that you make it more personal and unpredictable. Some party venues in Doha offer the same program, while other fast food houses use the same format over and over again. For old games, maybe you can try to give it a little twist (instead of doing the usual “Bring Me”, why not make it “What’s on Belle’s Bag” or instead of “Trip to Jerusalem” then make it a “Musical Dining Room” especially if you’re doing a Beauty and The Beast themed party). Otherwise, you can browse for more uncommon games and programs on internet or maybe adopt what other countries or cultures are doing… that’s even more exciting!

My rule of thumb, inviting guests mean that they have to forgo other schedules just to give way to yours. Value their effort by starting on time (advise them about this during confirmation), carefully planning out the entire program, and make it really memorable. Remember that what makes something EXTRAordinary is that little EXTRA that we put in – phone calls, location maps, special souvenir items, personalized invitations, one-of-a-kind program, etc.  (those little things really counts! And your guests will feel it).

There you have it! My first post on the other things I love to do aside from blogging – Event Organizing. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST but this is a part of a series of our posts here at BEST LIFE QATAR aimed at sharing essential information (#daddyblogger) and creating a platform for exchange of ideas.

Please feel free to suggest some tips and if you have other questions, please leave a comment down below or send me private message on my social media.



  1. Great ideas! Though, our cheapo family would think 1500QR for a party would be equivalent to almost 4 days in Europe hehe..

    During our son’s 8th birthday last month, we invited Jollibee to surprise him at home. It’s a party package of less than 1000QR and plus loads of chicken meal set. We danced with Jollibee exclusively with extended family plus had chicken meals for the entire week. ❤️

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