Media Event: The Noodle House – The Pearl

In a bustling restaurant scene in Doha, much more in an affluent district like The Pearl Qatar, one has to see beyond price, taste, or service in order to get ahead. The entry of new dining establishments with more interesting and imaginative concepts, make the competition a lot harder.

However, there are things that stay the same. There are comfort foods that certain groups of people will surely look forward to in a day.

So it got me both excited and curious when we received an invitation for a media event at The Noodle House – The Pearl (it was organized by a friend from Panache Qatar, a Doha-based marketing and PR company).

I was excited since Noodle House is one of our favorite restaurants whenever we would visit City Center Doha… and curious because I didn’t know that there’s one in The Pearl area.

PARKING TIPS: Here’s a guide to convenient parking going to The Noodle House – The Pearl.


Since Saturday is a designated family day for us, it was a perfect excuse to visit The Pearl area after my half-day work. The weather was nicer and ideal for an afternoon stroll.

The view outside was awesome. The location of The Noodle House-The Pearl at 10 La Croisette has a stunning canal view on one side and a cool panoramic view of the ships docked at the marina on the other side.

The modest interior space also extends to the veranda providing an additional open air dining area.

The hues of yellow and black, plus shades of red and green simply indicate that it is home to Asian flavor.

I was particularly impressed when a staff who noticed my daughter starting to get grumpy, instantly got a hold of their coloring pen and paper. They know how tame an irritated toddler. It was a relief in order for us to enjoy our meal while she is busy with her stuff.


The Noodle House – The Pearl is best positioned to be a top choice for food delivery in the area. The market for residents is already available including the ever growing number of construction activities at The Pearl (our company even have 2 work sites as of press time). They only have to maintain a strong “recall” usually through brochures distributed to homes or offices.

Being consistent in providing “fast, fresh, real Asian food soul” will always be their best selling point for a good number of customers who have penchant for Asian cuisines. Since Noodle House is relatively affordable, they can beef up on food quality in order to consistently deliver “value-for-money”.

Moreover, the play of social media is very important. Adding “location” to a social media post is a great way to promote the establishment for free.


And true enough, the food did not fail to impress us. While our Asian palettes are quite bias, there are still new ones that still delighted us. Here are photos of what we “devoured” during the event… that is of course, after we’re done taking photos of the food on all possible angles we know.


Traditional crispy crackers, chicken siew mai, pan fried gyoza, and vegetable spring rolls


Kungpao Duck Noodles
Indonesian Nasi Goreng and Sweet and Sour Chicken
Japanese Beef Brisket Noodles
Beef Rendang
Singaporean Noodles


Lime and Ginger Cheesecake
Crispy Banana
Brownies Kukus

The Noodle House – The Pearl is located at 10 La Croisette, The Pearl (see above parking guide). Operation hours are from 12:00noon to 12:00midnight. For deliveries, please call +974 40027512, +974 44429321 (also available in Talabat).

Our cover photo is courtesy of @24hrfoodie (massive thank you for a beautiful set Ms. Dionne).


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