DOHA ROCKS! Through the years…

It was November 2010, i was almost in my third year in Qatar when I first visited Doha Rocks along Airport Road. It was also during the those times when I am still active in photography and trying to explore venues for my organization’s events then (photos are taken using a low-res mobile camera circa 2010).

We even created a video before showing our bonding moments and how we made that place our regular hangout place, thanks to our videoguy (Marky Corpuz). Though some have left and are now in other places, our friendship remains and the memories still lives on…


Then a message came from a good friend, Sir Bosco, inviting me to the launch of Doha Rocks’ first ever franchise in Qatar. And that brought back good memories of the place we once called home… with friends who actually became my family during my “single” years.



What started as a juice stall more than 40 years ago which later on rebranded as Samco Doha Rocks Cafe in 2009 is what this pioneering cafeteria in Qatar has been known for up to now.

Over time, aside from the main branch in Old Airport Road, other branches in Azizia and Beverly Hills Rayyan was opened.

In 2017, the first ever franchise branch was launched at the quaint Garaffa Mobile Souq (behind QMall). This is Doha Rocks’ first express model in Doha.

The restaurant itself is small, with only few tables at the first and second floor. But taking the “express” concept and the location of the place, it is really very ideal to order and go.



And while the ongoing political crisis in the region, it’s quite impressive to see that business is still thriving amidst everything that’s going on around. And for that, i commend the owners for taking bold steps in showing their faith in the country’s economy.

Not only that they are providing business and employment opportunities, we can see that their prices are really very affordable that it practically can cater to anyone who wants to enjoy good food at low prices. They even sell karak for as low as fifty five dirhams!

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