3-ways to celebrate Oktober-FEAST!

Every October, people are excited for the famous German beer festival, popularly called OKTOBERFEST. However, we tweaked it and made our own feasting celebration, thus the title – Oktober FEAST.

During the past few days, we saw ourselves eating out a lot and discovering places we’ve never been before. After going back and forth to The Pearl Qatar in the last 7 days, we appreciate it even more and considered it to be a perfect family destination come winter season… a nice place to stroll around and experience a different world of dining, entertainment, and shopping. Moreover, the events that we had were also opportunities to promote the establishments to our readers, meet new friends, and advertise our family blog to the rest of the blogging community.

October 14: THE NOODLE HOUSE, 10 La Croisette, Porto Arabia

First stop is The Noodle House. It is already quite popular in Qatar, especially their City Center and Landmark branches. Being in the malls, it is quite easy to notice it, even by accident while doing your shopping. It was our first time for their branch at The Pearl and aside from walk-ins, Noodle House is perfectly positioned to do deliveries for residents and employees working in area – a plus factor for those who are craving for Asian food but have no time to visit the branch.

I already wrote about our experience during the event and you may read the rest of my post here.

The Noodle House – The Pearl is located at 10 La Croisette, The Pearl. Operation hours are from 12:00noon to 12:00midnight. For deliveries, please call +974 40027512, +974 44429321 (also available in Talabat).

October 17: LORD OF THE WINGS, Medina Central

Second on the itinerary is the Lord of the Wings. This dining concept came from Lebanon ( and it has successfully branched out to different countries including the US, Australia and the Middle East.

Their location is quite prominent, being close to the fountain area of Souq Medina at Medina Central. The interior of the place is very straightforward, and it extends outside to give a more relaxed outdoor dining ambiance.

We tried the latest entries on their menu from the salads (quinoa salad with cheese), appetizers (loaded poutine and overloaded cheese nachos), American artisan flatbreads (spicy chicken and four cheese), burgers (poutine burger slider and American burger slider), and the Traditional Wings sauces (honey pomegranate and spicy garlic parmesan).

One of the exciting things to look forward at Lord of the Wings is their Open Wing Tuesday (from 5pm to 12midnight). For only QR99 per person, you can enjoy unlimited wings, 3 bottomless sauces, with free loaded poutine. You can actually dare your friends for a spicy chicken challenge.

Lord of the Wings – The Pearl is located at Medina Central. They are open from 12:00noon to 1:00am on weekdays and from 1:00pm to 2am on Thursdays and Fridays. For reservations, please call: +974 4417 4366.

October 21: GERMAN DONER KEBAB, Medina Central

Third stop is this restaurant located a little off from the center of Medina but it offers the best parking spot in all three restaurants we’ve visited (parking area is just beside the restaurant).

German Doner Kebab started up in Berlin, where the dish was invented. Like Lord of the Wings, this is the only branch in Qatar and that made it a little more interesting. The restaurant design is a bit masculine with dominant hues of gray and black making the orange logo of Doner Kebab stand out.

Döner kebab is a Turkish kebab, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie popularly called Shewarma in the Middle East. I personally enjoyed their signature Doner Kebab Sandwich. While taking it may be a bit of a challenge, I do not advise eating the meat or other ingredients separately as you will not experience the explosion of flavors.

The latest on their menu is the Iskander Kebab which is made of thinly sliced veal or chicken meat, croutons, and tomato and yoghurt sauce served on sizzling plate. There are also some recommendations like different variations of doner burgers and sandwiches, doner kebab box, the cheese borek (cheese sticks), and a kiddie version of Doner Kebab Meals for our little ones.

Visit them at their branch in Medina Central, The Pearl Qatar (Call: 44641179 for delivery and pickup).

Welcome to the Vibrant Doha Restaurant Scene

This experience shows the rich and colorful culinary happenings around the city. The entire world has come to Doha and there’s always something for everybody.

While we were guests of Panache Qatar (a PR and Marketing company in Qatar) for the Media Events of these awesome restaurants, the views and opinions stated above are not influenced and are the writers own.

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