ZEITUNA DOHA: A great introduction to Lebanese cuisine

I must have caved myself for so long that I’ve been missing a lot. I’m not eating seafood due to allergy and I only eat those “comfort food” where I feel safe and I don’t have to make adjustments. I am definitely missing so many things… and it has to end!

THANKS TO BLOGGING, it gave me an excuse to break my walls and explore the bigger world… especially on food that I don’t usually dread eating before.

As we always read in the book, “the cuisine of the nation can be used to trace its cultural and political revolution”.

It is not only the landscape photos we take every time we travel that defines the country… more often, it transcends beyond old walls and relics… it even penetrates our inner beings through what they feed us.




Before heading out for the launch event, I have to brace myself and did some readings on Lebanese food. True enough, the first set of servings (aside from the pass around) include a barrage of different kinds of dips and appetizers. I saw these on some Arabic and Indian restaurants I’ve been lately and I thought this is really common in the Middle Eastern food culture. But don’t do what I did… save some space for the mains!


Then came the familiar looking kebabs. We were served with meat and seafood kebab and Lebanese (biryani) rice. The rice itself is appetizing with the taste of fried onions giving contrast to the grilled meat and garlic sauce.


They are changing our plate every segments of the meal and that’s something new to me (or maybe it’s just how it is during sit down dinner).

Then than beautiful dessert selections came and it was a great finisher to a sumptuous meal.

So it wasn’t really difficult at all. The food in the region is almost similar to each other. But there are distinctly Lebanese tastes that I was so happy to experience that night. The freshness of the ingredients, the use of olives, the variety in their mezze platters, the appetizing grills, and their popular desserts (notably, the baklava)… they were all goodness to my palette.

There was nothing complicated in the food and I love the fact that it is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

BUT WAIT! The live music almost stole the night. It created that festive ambiance that radiates a lively dining atmosphere. It actually completed my whole experience and I was so privilege that I was invited to this event.

While we were guests to the opening of ZEITUNA Lebanese Restaurant at City Center Rotana, the views and opinions stated above are purely my own. If you want to experience it as well, head over to 1st floor of City Center Rotana. Call, +974 4445 8888 for reservations.


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