VISION MART: A Korean Food Store in Doha

Upon a friend’s recommendation, I went straight to this new KOREAN FOOD STORE in Al Sadd right after office, since this curious guy wouldn’t keep a good news waiting. This is the second Korean store I’ve been to in Doha and I’m not sure if there are others (I heard there’s also one in Abu Hamour or industrial area but it’s quite far – and I’m not sure if it is true).

The location of this store in Al Sadd is quite tricky – they’re inside an office building right at the corner of C-Ring and Hamad signal (their website provides a map for easy reference). I even made a right turn immediately after the signal only to realize that it’s an EXIT – good thing there’s not much cars going out then.

Having some prominent tenants like a bank and an electronics/appliance store at the ground floor, I suspected that there are also several offices upstairs and that’s probably why they have a small coffee shop, a convenience store and a restaurant down there. It was already late when I came that’s why it’s quite dark and the other shops are already closed.

Vision Mart

Armed with barely a handful of information and only the owner’s name as I approach to ask permission to take photos, I went straight like an excited kid entering a toy store with everything twinkling as if shouting to me saying, BUY ME!  According to my source, they’ve just recently transferred to this new location few months back.

It looks risky to open a store inside an office building, much more in a less accessible location, except if there a good number of Korean or Japanese companies nearby which could be a direct market for them.

But owing to the popularity of Korean products and food culture in general (through their k-dramas), I am also confident that some people would really take time to visit it, for the experience as well for the exclusive chance of buying some authentic Korean food stuffs.

(Stocks and prices shown are subject to change/subject to availability)

Blog posts for future reference

One of the reasons for putting up our blog is for me to have a searchable library of topics that I might need in the future. Unlike on Facebook, where finding old posts or photos can be a bit challenging and time consuming, keeping a post of every “good finds/article” will be easier when you maintain a blog site even after few years.  Also, the blog post will remind me of events and interesting details (even funny stories) that I wouldn’t have remembered if I just kept an online photo album.

And once I get a chance to talk to the owner of VISION MART, it will be easier for me to track this entry again. I will definitely make a follow up post and will share it to you soon!

Call for an entrepreneurial spirit

Also embedded on my blog posts are my ardent desire for my readers, even for myself, to consider starting up a business here in Qatar or even back to our home countries. May it be a restaurant, a small café, a convenience store, or even online of home business, taking an entrepreneurial mindset will be our ticket to a secured future. I am featuring these establishments to show their success stories hoping that it will give inspirations to many… that if they were able to make it, we can also do it!

I got carried away!


  1. Hello dear, thankyou for the nice detailed information. Can u plz tell me if they have korean skin care products range too ?


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