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Our Reader’s Choice for the Best Burger of the Festival is . . .  

Last weekend (December 6-9, 2017), the first ever Doha Burger Festival was held at the Hotel Park drawing a large crowd of burger lovers from all over the country. The event kicked off with last minute preparations and power delay pushing the official opening to late afternoon. But this didn’t dampen the spirit of eager patrons patiently waiting for their favorite burger stalls to open. Finally, as the light bulbs turned on… the festivities officially started and everything else was in frenzy.

There were about 40 burger stalls during the festival. Noteworthy to mention are the local, home-based brands who also saw action and took advantage of the event to tap their markets. You can feel the vibe and the energy of the bustling popularity of burgers in Qatar… no wonder, this festival was a blockbuster hit every night during the last four nights.

Best Life Qatar also launched a mini-contest in conjunction with the Doha Burger Festival. We asked our readers who they thought was the Best Burger of the Festival in terms of price, taste, and presentation. While we noticed consistent long lines of patrons at Stake n Shake, Firefly Burger, The Real Burger, Fast Burgers, Burgeri, among others, our readers have a different opinion. As I mentioned on my posts, it seemed that the long lines are indications of the product’s popularity, however, the waiting time can go from 15 minutes on the line and another 15-20 minutes cooking time.

We also give suggestions to try new brands, less expensive ones with surprisingly good quality. But one can only have so much burger in a day. Good thing there were many sidings and variations available to break the monotony.

Reader's Choice:

Shake Shack
Firefly Burger
Elevation Burger




And while the result of our poll is definitely not official and not commissioned by the organizers of the event, it was a way to get the thoughts and participation of our readers. Leading the votes at 42% was SHAKE SHACK, while 21% of our respondents chose Firefly Burger, and tied at third was Elevation Burger and Burgeri at 13% each. We also asked our Instagram friends how many brands have they tried during the festival and 63% said “4 and below” while 37%, including us (we bought 8 different burgers), tried “5 and up”.

Our lucky reader who sent us his vote for the best burger was MR. GUILLEN ROYCE OJASTRO. and he won an Entertainer 2018 App which he can use to get savings on many 2 in 1 offers around Qatar and GCC. His name was drawn via electronic raffle among the entries collected on our blog post comments and facebook page comments from December 6-9, 2017.

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WEEKEND IN REVIEW | The 4-day has ended and we will have to wait for few more weeks before another big event like it opens up at the popular @hotelparkdoha. With more than 40 burger stands and food trucks present during the event, we only managed to check out eight – excluding those that we are already familiar even during off-festival season. Aside from being one of the blockbuster stalls, I have to say @steaknshake_qa has the best booth design with fenced-off dining area and matching elegant glass chairs. Other populars brands are @fireflyburger.qtr, @therealburger_, @fastburger_qa, @burgeridoha, among others. I also noticed that @babyburger_ has the cutest decor from among the line of independent food stalls (local brands). I also have to note that i found @nadhi_burger and as having the most affordable slider and fries products during the festival as low as QR15 per order. On BEST LIFE QATAR's contest, @shakeshackme led the poll as the reader's choice for best burger of the festival ( this however is an unofficial contest). The other favorite brand is @elevationqatar. Aside from camel burgers and icecream burgers, there were many other surprises that the first DOHA BURGER FESTIVAL has brought to the table. The second season will definitely be very exciting. Kudos to for organizing the event. And a big shoutout of thanks to all the participating booths. #DohaBurgerFestival #DBF2017 #hotelparkdoha🇶🇦 #sheratonpark #burgerfestival #burgerlovers #instafoodies #foodlovers #pollresults #personalopinions #personalobservations #notofficial #daddyblogger #bestlifeqatar

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