Recently, I wrote about our Doha tour courtesy of DOHA BUS and I can say that it was one of the easiest ways for visitors to get to some of the main attractions of the city. And while others may find the routes very familiar already, I’ve found yet another DOHA BUS adventure that even long-time residents of Qatar may not have experienced. My wife, for one, has been here for more than five years now but it was her first time trying it.



It was also our first time travelling southbound as a family (after Wakrah) and knowing the ongoing road works going to Mesaieed area, we relied mainly on waze and our instincts. We went there without any expectations and since there are lots of events during the National Day, we thought of just staying for a while and then leave to see the other festivities during the day.

However, we felt something good along the way. The weather was nice and there were so many thing we saw while on the way to Sea Line Beach Resort: the Mesaieed community which reminds me of our community projects South of Metro Manila (while still working in a real estate company back in the Philippines), the many ATV stations and food trucks which I find really amazing, even the promising road networks which I think will look good and efficient when completed.

The welcoming colors of deep blues upon reaching the Sealine Beach… the sand dunes from a distance… it gave us a different excitement.


And then we reached the DOHA BUS station right next to the gate of Sealine Beach Resort. And immediately this monstrous bus parked beside it was so imposing it already gave us an idea of the adventures up ahead.

The initial intention was just to stay for a while and head back to Doha after an hour or so. But when we were told that the event will be at the camp and we have to ride the Monster Bus to get there, we knew there’s no turning back.

But all those worries disappeared when we boarded the bus and we felt good. With its size and structure that definitely made us feel safer – it is ideal for families with small kids. While you will still get that adrenaline rush during the roller coaster ride through the sand, you know that the vehicle is safe enough for everyone.

Book your MONSTER BUS Experience for QR 380 per person from Doha-Sealine or if coming from Doha Bus station in Sealine, rates will be QR 180 minimum of 4 persons.


Located literally in the middle of the desert, the camp is an enclosed site with halls, a tent, a separate restroom for ladies and gents, and a big courtyard that’s good for team building or corporate events.



Aside from the main activity during the Qatar National Day last December 18 at the Corniche area, many other organizations and companies like Doha Bus are sponsoring events in different areas in Qatar. This was also an opportunity for workers to unwind and have fun while celebrating the host country’s National Day in different ways.

There were different groups of nationalities who took part in the event. Lots of fun games and a singing contest were also held during the day. Others also played volleyball, rode the camel and took photos with the falcon.


Doha Bus recently launched their 4WD Safari Experience for a weekend getaway  from Doha to Sealine. For a minimum of 2 persons at QR250 each, guests will be able to experience a different thrill while getting on a quintessential Arabian experience.

Book yourself a desert safari on this 4×4 that braves crescents of sand dunes of Mesaieed only from DOHA BUS. Call 4442 2444 for reservation.


It’s always fun to try something new and do activities that you can enjoy as a family. We were guests of DOHA BUS during this event but the observations stated above are entirely my own.


  1. Qatar has crossed the big milestone with all these amazing changes happening despite th e nation’s rising conflicts with other neighboring countries.
    I am truly proud of the Emir’s mission and vision for this land. Reading and getting updated with all these happenings to my amazement proved that Qatar will never be the same again. Thanks to my closed, family and churchmate buddy Zeke for the undying commitment to blog one of the best rising and promising place2in the Middle East!

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