10 years in Qatar: A Decade of Adventure!

What do you do with what you’ve got? I got this thought on my mind upon waking up and realizing it was my 10 years here abroad. Actually, I went out of Qatar briefly to try my luck in the UAE but saw myself coming back after 4 months for a much exciting opportunities including finding a wife and starting a family.


Year 1 (2008) – first solo trip to Dubai (I only got QR 1,500 trip budget then)
Year 2 (2009) – got my faith established / became a leader of our church’s singles group
Year 3 (2010) – first condo investment as OFW / got my first ever driver’s license in Qatar
Year 4 (2011) – highlights of events organizing in our church
Year 5 (2012) – worked in UAE / returned to Qatar to work as country manager for VISTA LAND
Year 6 (2013) – Got Married and had a daughter
Year 7 (2014) – resumed work at GULF ENGINEERING (same position, same table, same stapler)
Year 8 (2015) – returned to real estate with AYALA LAND/ with BEST LIFE QATAR as my sales portal
Year 9 (2016) – started to blog / relaunched BEST LIFE QATAR as a social media platform
Year 10 (2017) – Launched my first blogging project: Meet, Greet and Learn!

After 6 house transfers (from bedspace, to partition rooms, to an independent flat), here I am. A family man, a certified decade-old expat, an aspiring blogger. I’ve got my own share of blunders especially in my early years which brought emotional and physical anxieties. But the second half is better. Still have challenges… but it’s better.

Praying that the next decade or so will be a lot brighter…. armed with years of experience, lessons learned, people who are supporting me, and my faith in God. This is not just another New Year celebration for me. It’s the dawn of a brand new decade!

So excited at what’s about to unfold. New “promises”… new challenges and opportunities… new milestones… new and improved ZEKE!


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