Imagine dining with your family 43 floors high, on a very elegant Chinese restaurant overlooking the corniche on one side and Doha’s city center area on the other. The crowd was diverse… but the food was quintessentially Chinese.

The staff showed us the menu and we knew then that we are off to a big brunch full of Chinese food that we grew up with back in the Philippines.

Let’s start the journey!

The small plates came in which served as appetizers.

The best thing that we noticed at the beginning of the brunch was their utmost concern for some limitations and special preferences of the guests. It was really delightful to know that on a brunch settings such as this, small details like allergic reactions or spiciness levels are taken into considerations.

And so we were served with Chef Pu’s crispy chicken which is supposed to be spicy but, upon our special request, was prepared well to suit our taste.

Then came the Chinese Dim sum

Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates (wiki). They all came in different varieties and the staff explained it to us thoroughly, noting our special preferences.

What’s unique about the Dim sum Brunch at Shangri la Doha is that the food is freshly cooked and served straight to your table. What’s on the brunch menu will be served in the same order. And if you feel you wanted more, then you just have to advise the staff for additional serving


Eat it while it’s hot. So while my wife and I were having an opportunity to discuss our trip plans in the coming months, we have to enjoy the food while it’s hot. So this set-up is also ideal for group of friends who haven’t seen each other for a while in order to catch up with what’s the latest among each other.

The mains

My wife specifically mentioned to reserve a space for rice since the dim sum platters may overwhelm us. And when it came, we barely able to finish it that we needed to rest for a while.

It was a great opportunity to discuss matters you weren’t able to talk seriously on regular days. For couples like us, budgeting and ways to save were things that are usually taken for granted. The future of Jasmine’s schooling to our plans for vacation was also being laid down and discussed.

The side show

We were invited to join the Hand Pulled Noodle Demonstration at the center of the restaurant. It a sort of entertainment break and a good chance for kids to be amused after sitting for a long time.

Then came the desserts

Finally, my most favorite part came.

But Jasmine have a different agenda. She acted whispering to me. And on a loud voice she said within hearing distance by the staff that she likes ice cream. To our surprise, even if it’s not included on the menu and that they have to go to their other restaurant downstairs, they were able to manage our child’s request. It was really unexpected and well appreciated.

A quick restaurant tour

Of course I have to do that! The staff gladly showed me their three private rooms, ideal for big families and groups who want to have some privacy for special occasions.

There’s also a spacious lounge area at the 44th floor which was designed as a mezzanine area of the Shanghai Club providing for that imposing high ceiling space.

There’s also a bar, right at the Club’s entrance, which is always packed with people especially during Wednesdays.

Overall, we can say that this DIMSUM BRUNCH is good for special occasions. It’s a bit pricey at QR 238 per head (add QR 112 for a selection of house spirits, wines, beer and soft drinks). But I can say that the servings, the portions, the taste was great. Add up the elegant look of the restaurant, the stunning view, and the warm and hospitable staff… I can say it was all worth it.

Here’s something to consider when you want to have a special day with your love ones.



Dim Sum brunch at Shanghai Club (every Friday and Saturday)

For QAR 238 per person, choose unlimited servings of signature and traditional dim sum, you’ll also enjoy soup and noodles and more. And because it’s still the weekend, indulge in unlimited flowing beverage at an additional supplement while admiring the view from 43 floors up.

Other events at the Shanghai Club

·         Open for dinner from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

·         Lounge bar 5:30 p.m. until late

·         Ladies Night: Every Wednesday from 5.30 p.m.

·         Live Dj

·         Closed on Sundays


Phone:+974  4429 5295

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