LIVEBLOG: Our Random QF-ternoon Adventure

The past months was really very busy that some of us, including me, have missed some community events including the back to back CTC and Biryani Festivals last January and February 2017, respectively.

Even some significant happenings at the Qatar Foundation, were nowhere in my instastories… like the opening of Qatar National Library and the opening of Torba Farmers Market last November 2017.

So we decided to checkout Qatar Foundation and visit these much talk-about attractions even before it gets hotter in the coming days.


Just like the popular MIA PARK BAZAAR, the Torba Farmers Market located at the Ceremonial Court of Qatar Foundation (easily accessible through Gate2) was opened during the start of the winter season.

Torba Farmers Market is dubbed as Qatar’s first artisan and organic market and opens every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (check timing on their IG link). It is also very popular among the locals and expats alike for fresh produce and even some homegrown businesses.


Though its quite popular on social media, i only got the urge to follow the bandwagon just now. And even though i registered for the library card early on, i only got the card just today, too.

I am very impressed with the building structure, much more with the great collection of books. Their website said, QNL currently has around one million books in its collections, more than 500,000 ebooks, periodicals and newspapers.

Aside from that, they also have other features and attractions like study lounges, electronic game boards for the kids, a separate children’s library, a mini-theater, a restaurant, and many more.

It was indeed a great facility that proves the government’s dedication for academics and learning advancement of the students and citizens of Qatar.

There you have it, our quick visit to TORBA FARMERS MARKET and QATAR NATIONAL LIBRARY.

It would be nice to go back to the farmers market in the morning for fresh vegetables and even less crowded food stalls.

Also, im planning to check out some interesting materials in the library which i hope i could find and be able to share to the readers.

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